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Adding and Moving Widgets on Your Homepage

Quick steps:

  1. Go to Course Admin > Homepages.
  2. Copy an existing homepage by clicking on the dropdown menu to the right of it.
  3. Make it active by selecting it from the Active Homepages dropdown; click Apply.
  4. Go back to your Course Home and click the Homepage Actions Menu in the bottom-right corner.
  5. Click Edit this homepage.
  6. From the Widgets section, click Add Widgets to view all widgets available for use in your course homepage. (Each panel has its own corresponding Add Widgets button.)
  7. Select the checkbox beside the widgets that you want to add to your course homepage and click Add.
    Note: The widgets listed in the Add Widgets dialog are dependent on the tools available for use within your organization and added to the current org unit.
  8. Click and drag a widget to a) change its vertical placement on a panel or b) move it to another panel. Click Save and Close to apply the changes.

Note: When you access D2L via an iPad and want to remove a widget from your Homepage, the X that allows this is not visible. Go ahead and open the editor by tapping the widget display. Select the option to Hide all properties. Then you will see the X in the top right corner and can remove the widget.

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