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iClicker Cloud Support

Need to control how your students respond and manage participation and grading from you personal computer? iClicker Classic may be the solution for you. Find out more about iClicker.

Not sure? Help Me Choose will assist you in selecting the correct software for your use case.

What is iClicker Cloud?

iClicker Cloud is a cloud based student response system (SRS) that has been integrated with D2L. iClicker Cloud allows instructors to:

  • Track attendance using GPS technology
  • Ask targeted (heat map) questions
  • Conduct polling
  • Administer quizzes

The newly integrated SRS allows students to participate in-class from any computer or mobile (Android or Apple) device. Instructional videos detailing what iClicker Cloud is and how it can help instructors enhance classroom engagement can be found on the official iClicker YouTube channel.

iClicker Cloud - Getting Started:

Start with download iClicker Cloud software. After you've downloaded and installed the software, create an iClicker Cloud account or sign-in if you've already created an account. After your account has been created, you can begin the process of creating your course in iClicker Cloud. Detailed instructions for this process including an instructional video on how to create a course can be found on the iClicker YouTube channel.

How do I integrate iClicker Cloud into my D2L course?

You simply need to add the link to your D2L course via External Learning Tools.

  1. Select your iClicker Cloud course and open the course settings. Click Course Admin button on your course dashboard.
  2. From the Settings window, select the Grade Sync tab and select "Single-column grade sync." Click Copy Link to copy the course-specific link. This link is unique for each iClicker Cloud course. You need to follow these directions for each course you are teaching and paste the specific link into your D2L course
  3. From your D2L course home page, click Content from the top navigation and select the module where you want to place the iClicker Cloud tool or create a new module if no module exists.
  4. From the module's Add Existing Activities menu, select External Learning Tools.
  5. Click Create new LTI Link.
  6. Complete the New Link form with the following information:
    Title: iClicker Cloud [recommended]
    URL: [paste the URL copied from your iClicker Cloud course settings]
    Description (optional): Sign in or create a new iClicker Cloud student account if you don’t already have one. Doing this from here will link your D2L and iClicker Cloud identities for this course and allow me to synchronize your scores.
  7. Find your new link within the D2L content module where it was placed, click the down arrow icon next to the link name, and click Edit Properties in Place. Check the box next to Open as External Resource.
    Note: A grade item will be created automatically when the first Grade Sync is performed. Please adjust the maximum points in D2L to your desired scoring preference. By default, the maximum points for this item will be set at 100 points.

For Students:

Everything you need to get started can be found at the links below:

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In Class

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After Class

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Additional Information

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Need help integrating iClicker Cloud with your D2L course?

The MSU IT Service Desk provides 24-hour service and support at: 517-432-6200 or Toll-free: (844) 678-6200

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