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D2L Course Self-Enrollment Tool

The D2L Course Self-Enrollment Tool allows administrators of certain course types in D2L to share a link with participants that enrolls them as Members in the identified courses. The tool can be accessed from the MSU D2L Apps webpage, or link to it directly from

Please be advised: Effective December 20, 2023, the Self-Enrollment tool will no longer support Development courses due to updates in the D2L LMS. The tool will support the other course types, including Community, Non-Credit, and Professional Development. For more information see the Self Enrollment tool page

On the D2L Course Self Enrollment page, you will see a list of courses you can enable for self-enrollment based on your role in the course. After selecting a course, you will be presented with the option to Enable or Disable self-enrollment, provide a course description, and identify the SYSTEM LEVEL roles that are able to self-enroll.

Example: If you only want instructors to enroll in the identified course space, then select the role of Faculty from the available role options.

After customizing the course enrollment settings, you will find a self-enrollment link at the bottom of the page for sharing with others. This link will allow end-users to complete the enrollment process and will add them to the Classlist as a member of your course.

Prior to providing the link to users, review your Course Offering Information settings to confirm that your course is active and has the desired start and end dates. Those with the role of Member attempting to access a course that is not active, or has restrictive dates, will receive a “Not Authorized” error message when attempting to enter the course.

Remember, any user that completes the enrollment process will be enrolled in your course as a Member. Their course role can then be manually altered in the D2L Classlist if desired.

Please contact the MSU IT Services Help Desk with any questions regarding the self-enrollment process.

Instructions for setting up Self-Enrollment for your course (pdf)

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