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Bulk User Enrollment

Quick steps

  1. Log in to D2L and navigate to one of your courses.
  2. Select the Communication tab, then click Batch Enroll.
  3. Click Choose a file... and locate the .csv file you created (see creation instructions below).
  4. Click Open.
  5. Your file will be audited for accuracy and you will have a chance to review it before submitting.
  6. If you pass the audit and approve your file, select Click here to begin enrollment/unenrollment.
  7. A page will display the status of your enrollments.

Create a CSV file to upload:

The file must be in a comma-separated (CSV) format. Your bulk enrollment .csv file must contain a header line with a NetIDCourse and Role column identified. Please note that the column header names must be entered exactly (NetID, Course, Role) with both spacing and case maintained.

To get the MSU Course ID, go to Course Admin > Course Offering Information and use the Course Offering Code. The shortened version up to the section number will also work. The Role is case sensitive and the Member role has the same permissions as a Student role. The Student role is reserved for those coming from the Student Information System.


dirksen,FS17-CAT-839-001,Course Editor

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