Academic Technology Training

Online Student D2L Training Course

The student D2L training course, Students - Getting Started with D2L, contains documentation and video tutorials covering the most commonly used aspects of the D2L Learning Environment as well as success tips and practice activities to complete. Each module is broken into topics designed to help students become proficient with the basics of taking an online course in D2L. A certificate of completion is earned after meeting the minimum criteria. This free training is a valuable learning resource for students, as well as instructors and staff.

You can self-enroll or unenroll from the course by using the following link.

2021 Students - Getting Started with D2L - D2L Course Self Enrollment page (opens in a new window)

Note: A new course will be created every year to manage the increase in enrollment numbers.

Instructor - D2L Self-directed Training Resources

The Instructor - D2L Self-directed Training site contains video tutorials covering the most commonly used aspects of the Learning Environment. Each module is broken into a series of short video tutorials and other helpful resources by topic.

You can self-enroll or unenroll from the course by using the following link. 

Instructor - D2L Self-directed Training - D2L Course Self Enrollment page (opens in a new window)

The Instructor D2L self-directed training is a resource library with hundreds of video tutorials and resources from beginning to advanced. If you are just starting out, consider going through the Student D2L course first. Also, see the suggested learning paths and training webinars listed in the site. 

Students - MSU Tools and Technologies

This course will guide you through the basics of many of the core technologies available to MSU students.  The course will be periodically updated with more helpful information, so check back regularly!

You can self-enroll or unenroll from the course by using the following link.

Students - MSU Tools and Technologies - D2L Course Self Enrollment page (opens in a new window)

After enrolling, click on the Course home page. Pin the course to access it from your My Courses list.

Faculty and Staff - MSU Tools and Technologies

The MSU Tools and Technologies course contains video introductions and brief tutorials covering the most commonly used aspects of our core MSU academic technology tools. Our core tools are defined as those that are available for free to use for both faculty and students. Each module is broken into a carefully curated selection of introductory material, vendor documentation, and more. This course will be frequently updated with use cases, case studies, and more, so check back regularly!

You can self-enroll or unenroll from the course by using the following link.

MSU Tools and Technologies course (faculty and staff) - D2L Course Self Enrollment page (opens in a new window)

Note: The D2L module has recorded webinars for everything you need to get started with D2L basics, assessments, and gradebook.

Instructor - MSU Online Assessment Training

This course for instructors was developed during Summer 2020 with the big push toward remote learning. There are two approaches to discuss handling online assessments. The second approach contains a series of D2L Quiz Creation Tutorials that faculty and staff may want to review for understanding D2L assessments.

To access the materials:

  1. Enroll in the self-paced course, MSU Online Assessment Training self-enroll page (opens in a new window)
  2. Enter the course and navigate to Content > Approach 2: Exam Design > Test structure > D2L Quiz Creation Tutorials

Instructor - Spartan Ally:

Spartan Ally is integrated into D2L and helps make digital course content more accessible. It provides instructors with tools to gauge and improve course content accessibility, students with accessible alternative formats, and administration with insight into the institutions overall progress toward a more inclusive learning environment.

For training in Ally, enroll in the self-help resource in D2L, Spartan Ally self-enroll page (opens in a new window)

Group training sessions can be requested through the MSU IT Service Desk.

D2L HTML Content Templates (for Course Editors):

See the resources in this self-enroll course for improving the look and feel of HTML pages in a D2L course.

HTML Content Templates - D2L Course Self Enrollment page (opens in a new window)

This course contains all three versions of the Brightspace Templates for download. Follow the instructions by using the guides in each module. The most recent Spartanized V3 version is recommended for faculty and staff who are comfortable with using technology.

In-Person and Synchronous Online Training

See the following webinars offered by MSU IT (via Zoom).

August 2021 Online Workshops - article on iTeach (opens in a new window)

September 2021 Online Workshops - article on iTeach (opens in a new window)

Recordings of past workshops - available on the Kaltura Mediaspace channel, IT - Instructional Technology and Development

More professional development can be found at:  
2021 Educator Development Opportunities - iTeach Playlist
 (opens in a new window)

In-person training courses are periodically available and taught by MSU training staff. 
Note: In-person training is currently on hold. 

D2L for Instruction

This four-hour workshop provides hands-on training in how to use Michigan State University’s centrally supported learning management system, Desire2Learn (D2L). Guidance will be given in how to create a course, use the most popular tools, such as the gradebook and discussion boards, and upload content. This was designed for a wide audience, so not everything will apply to everyone, but there should be many things within the workshop that any instructor will find useful, regardless of how they plan to use the system. There will also be time set aside at the end of the workshop for individual consultations.

See the Library Events page for available dates.

Last session: 1/27/2020
Next session: TBD

Other Self-Registration Courses on D2L:

There may be other courses of interest for faculty and staff on the D2L Self Registration page.

Self Registration Instructions

Click the Self Registration link in the navbar on the My Home page to access self-registering course offerings.

Quick steps:

  1. Faculty, students, and staff log into D2L (some logins do not have access to self-registration)
  2. On the My Home page, click the Self Registration link
  3. Select the desired course under the Course Offering Name
  4. Click Register
  5. Verify your information and click Submit
  6. Click Finish to complete the process.
  7. Access the course from your list in My Courses, or from the Course Selector icon.

D2L Brightspace Community

The D2L Brightspace Community is a free resource designed to promote collaboration among all D2L clients who wish to share online strategies, best practices, and showcase some of the best ways organizations are utilizing the Learning Environment. The site also provides just-in-time training tips, quick refreshers on how to effectively use tools, additional resources and learning aids. 

Request an account with your email by clicking on "Become a Member" or the "Login" link at the top of the Brightspace Community homepage.

See the following for D2L Brightspace Webinars: 

Brightspace Guided Training Webinars (opens in a new window)

Higher Ed Upcoming and Recorded Virtual Events (opens in a new window)

For support, please contact the MSU IT Service Desk at Phone: 517-432-6200 - Email: or Chat @

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