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Restricting Student Access to Email in D2L

To prevent students from being able to use internal D2L email to send mass messages to an entire class of students, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Remove both the Classlist and the Email option from the Communication tab in the course Nav Bar.
  2. Go to Course Admin > Course Offering Information, scroll down to the option “Show course address book”, and uncheck the box. Save this change before you exit this page.

How to edit the Communication drop-down menu in the course Nav Bar as noted above:

  1. Select the Communication tab and note all of the items that appear here by default. You will need this information for a future step.
  2. Go to Course Admin > Navigation & Themes, note the Nav Bar you are currently using for your course (within the Active Navbar drop-down menu at the top), find that Nav Bar in the list, click the down arrow next to it, and choose Copy.
  3. Click on Custom Links (top of the Navigation & Themes page) and choose Create Link Group.
  4. Enter a name for the group being created. This will be the name of the menu that will replace what is currently called Communication in your course Nav Bar, so you will want to choose something that is permissible for students to see that will describe the contents of the menu. You can continue to call this Communication or choose something else, as desired.
  5. Click the Add Existing Link button, checkmark all of the items you noted were in your original Communication drop-down menu EXCEPT for Classlist and Email, and click Add. You can reorder the listed items before saving by clicking on the icon to the left of each item name (looks like three horizontal bars one on top of the other) and dragging and dropping as desired. Click Save.
  6. Click the Navbars tab at the top to return to the list of available Nav Bars and locate the copy of your current Nav Bar made earlier. Click on the title of this Nav Bar.
  7. The Nav Bar menu options appear at the bottom of the resulting page. Mouse over the Communication option currently included and click the X in the upper right corner to remove it.
  8. Click the Add Links button. At the top, click on the words Custom Groups to filter by this option. Find the link group you previously created, checkmark it, and click Add. You can drag and drop to adjust where this option appears in the Nav Bar, as desired. Save this change.
  9. Back on the Navbars page, choose the Nav Bar you just edited from the Active Navbar drop-down menu at the top and click the Apply button. This should immediately replace the Nav Bar in your course with your newly created one that does not include either Classlist or Email in the Communication menu.

Please note that students will still see the Email option in the navigation bar across the top of their D2L Home page (when not within a specific course or community) and that they can compose messages from here, as well as from within other courses and communities where these options have not been disabled. By choosing not to show your course address book as noted above, you significantly reduce the probability that students will attempt to email your entire class from this location, as they would have to find and choose each student's email address individually in order to do so.

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