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Examity Online Proctoring

Examity is an online proctoring service used to ensure the integrity of online exams taken here at Michigan State University through D2L. This is a fee-for-service, third party tool that is fully integrated into D2L and is available for immediate use at a cost to the instructor or department.

For Instructors:

Exams are created in D2L using the tools that are normally available for preparing the assessment. After your exam is created with a start date, end date, and a password please contact the MSU Examity Account Manager to arrange the syncing of your course with Examity. Through the account manager you will cover pricing (if exams will be billed to the department or students), levels of security and any other questions/concerns. Exams proctored by Examity are synced nightly between 12am-4am.

After your D2L course has been linked with Examity, navigate to the content area of your course and create a module by selecting "Add Existing Activity" then select "External Learning Tools." Select Examity from the displayed menu and create your profile. Select your exam, determine its security parameters and activate it for student access.

For additional information on Examity, please contact our Examity Account Manager or for D2L support please contact the help desk.

For Students:

Select the Examity link in the content area of your course. Create your profile and your unique biometric keystroke to begin. Select the exam that you've been instructed to complete and follow the prompts provided to begin your exam. You must have a functioning camera and microphone to complete these exams. Details on completing a successful exam attempt can be found in the Examity Technical Success Document. Technical issues with your exam should be reported to Examity and your instructor immediately. You can also review the Student Quick Start Guide if you have additional questions.

***Please Note: All proctoring levels require identification to begin. Please have your identification cards ready prior to your exam attempt.***

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