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D2L Standards Tool

  • The D2L Standards tool was turned on at MSU in August 2022.
  • The new Standards tool can be used with either content experience but has more functionality in the New Content Experience (NCE). Content items and activities can be mapped in NCE.
  • In Classic Content, only assessible activities can be mapped. The Mastery View is the same in both content experiences.
  • Both the existing Competency tool and the new Standards tool are available in D2L, but not in the same course. Standards/Outcomes are used after learning outcomes are added to a course. Standards cannot be added if there are existing competencies already added to the course.
  • The new Standards/Learning Outcomes tool will eventually replace the Competency/Objectives tool. Migrating existing Competency structures to the Standards tool is on D2L's roadmap.

Note: Another term sometimes used for the Standards tool is Learning Outcomes (LOs). Try searching both terms when looking for resources.

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