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Role Switch

This allows an instructor or other course editor to switch temporarily to another role so that they can see what the course would look like to someone with that role. You can see a student’s view of the course by using the Role Switch widget. When you change your role to Student, you will see the course as a student would.

Quick steps:

  1. On the Course Home page, locate the Role Switch widget.
  2. From the My Role dropdown menu, select a role you are permissioned for (only those roles will display in the dropdown menu).
  3. Click Change Role.
  4. Your course page appears as it would to whatever role you selected.
  5. When done, return to Course Home and use the Role Switch widget to return to your normal role.

The role switch functionality is also available by clicking on your name at the top and changing your role. Select your name again and click on the X next to the role to cancel.

Note: You cannot submit tests or assignments that display in the gradebook as a Student using Role Switch. See Impersonate a Demo Student for this functionality.

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