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Copy Course

Using Course Copy is the preferred method for transferring content from one course to another. Course Administrator and Course Assistant roles can copy courses as long as they are in each course with the permitted role.

Copy All

  • Start in the new, empty course (or the one you wish to change/copy content into)
  • Select Course Admin
  • Select Import/Export/Copy Components
  • Select the radio button for Copy Components from Another Org Unit (course)
  • Click Search for offering
  • Select the offering you wish to make a copy of and click Add Selected
  • Click Copy All Components if you wish to bring in the entire course.

Warning: Be cautious when using Copy All Components as there is no warning screen and it can cause duplication throughout a course if done more than once. To reset a course back to an empty shell, see Reset a course and delete everything.

Copy only select items:

Alternatively, choose Select Components for individual items to copy and complete the following:

  • Select the desired items (include associated files in most cases)
  • (Optional) Off-Set Dates: This tool allows for the mass setting of an start, due, and end dates for the selected items. You also have the option of off-setting by a number of days. This will push the attached dates forward based on the number of dates entered in the offset dates field.
  • Click Continue
  • Click Finish

Note about existing content:

Course files with the same name are overwritten when importing/copying content and all other items are added to the course. This may cause duplication in some areas when there is existing content.

Are you copying a course that has been revamped several times or gone through a past course management system conversion?

When copying a course that has been used for many semesters there may be extra items in the Manage Files area that are no longer used in the course. See the blog post on how to create a clean course copy to leave behind items that are not used and may even be slowing down your course copy.

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