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Reset a Course and Delete Everything

Course Reset allows you to return a course to an empty shell. This is helpful when incorrect components are copied into a course, or changes are made incorrectly and the easiest solution is to start from an empty shell, without having to perform the additional step of creating a new course and re-enrolling all instructors and learners.

Note: Resetting a course is permanent and cannot be undone. All course components and user progress data is deleted and not available in data sets. All activities, content, and course files are deleted and cannot be restored using normal UI restore tools.

Optional items to keep or delete when resetting a course:

  • Course groups and group enrollments
  • Course navbars, homepages, and widgets

Note: The deletion of all course files by Course Reset can impact course navbars and widgets.

The following items are not affected by Course Reset:

  • User enrollments in the course
  • Course sections and section enrollments
  • Course paths or course associations
  • Objects in the Learning Repository
  • User data in a linked SCORM object
  • Portfolio or ePortfolio objects
  • ePortfolio forms and sharing groups
  • Email and Instant Messages to/from course groups
  • Activity Feed data

Who can reset a course?

The Course Reset button is only available to the Course Administrator, DevCourseAdmin, and CommunityAdmin roles. It is advisable to export your course content before deleting. See D2L Course Export and Backing up Select Student Data for more information.

If the course has already started when you notice the problem, it may be too late to start over.

If you need to identify which items to keep and which to delete, edit the titles of associated content items, activities, and/or grade items (i.e., add a dash or "c" in the title). Alternatively, put an x in the titles of content, activity, or grade items you know you can delete.

Then, when you go to delete duplicated items such as grade items, assignments, quizzes, or discussions, you will know which items are connected. Make certain not to delete activities that already have submissions. Always export the gradebook as a csv file for safe keeping before deleting any duplicated grade items.

Reset a course

Resetting a course permanently deletes the selected components. Any content, activities, grades etc. deleted using this process cannot be restored.

  1. On the navbar of the course you want to reset, click Course Admin.
  2. Under Administration, click Course Reset.
  3. Use the check boxes to Choose components to Permanently Delete:
    • Delete course content, activities, associated files, user grades, user progress, and interaction data
    • Delete group enrollments and group categories (optional)
    • Delete course homepages, navbars, and widgets (optional)
  4. Click Reset.
  5. Confirm the course reset by entering the course’s code in the text field and then click Delete.

Note: While the Course Reset is in progress, navigating away from the page does not cancel the process.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact the MSU IT Service Desk at (517) 432-6200 or

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