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D2L Retention Policies

Retention of D2L Course and Development Materials

Q: After my course is developed or offered, how long will it remain in D2L?

A: Development course content that has not been logged into for two years or more will be deleted. Course content will be maintained on D2L servers for two years after the completion of a course in the MSU Schedule of Courses.

D2L support staff will notify course owners by email before expired course content is deleted. For example, a course that ends in Fall Semester 2018 will be erased from the system at the end of Fall Semester 2020.

Access to materials during the two years will be controlled by the course instructor.

Access to certain copyright materials may end before the end of the two-year period, depending on the nature of the link.

For help with backing up your course content, see D2L Course Export and Backing up Select Student Data.

Retention of D2L Community Materials

Q: How long will my Community remain in D2L?

A: Administrators of a Community are solely responsible for the content and maintenance of the Community, as well as archiving Community materials they wish to retain.

Special note regarding D2L Communities:

Units often conduct university business using D2L Communities (e.g., Search Committees) and in the process may create university business records ( These business records may have specific retention schedules in compliance with laws and regulations or may have historical value to MSU. Contact the University Archives & Historical Collections staff at or (517) 355-2330 for questions and assistance.

Community content will be maintained on the D2L system for as long as a Community remains active and has content. If a Community has had no accesses in a period of six (6) months, OR is found to be empty, then it will be removed from the system.