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New Quiz Creation Experience

A new create and edit experience for Quizzes occurred in the June 2022 release of Brightspace (20.22.6). The goal is to simplify common tasks for first-time or infrequent users, while giving easy access to the advanced features that our experienced power-users love. Bringing consistency to how activities in Brightspace are created helps achieve this goal.

Summary of this update:

  • Consistent layout
  • Auto-publish and sync to grade book
  • Simpler submission views
  • Updated page break workflow
  • Display in calendar
  • Learning outcomes
  • Visibility option for description, header, and footer
  • Edit values button
  • Student view preview
  • ePortfolio artifacts
  • Share quiz from top level org unit

For information on how to create and configure quizzes, see Brightspace documentation:

MSU Documentation