Respondus 4.0 Exam Authoring

Respondus Exam Authoring Tool

MSU has a campus-wide subscription to Respondus 4.0 Exam Authoring, a Windows-based exam management/authoring tool that can be used with D2L to provide additional features for creating and managing online quizzes.

Use Respondus 4.0 Exam Authoring to: 

  • convert Word docs or other text-based exams to D2L online quizzes,
  • download quizzes from D2L for test bank management,
  • add automatted question titles using a stem (e.g., chapt1-01, chapt2-02, etc.),
  • print professionally formatted copies of exams with optional answer keys.

Respondus 4.0 Exam Authoring can also be used to move exams from one LMS to another and to import test banks from participating publishers through its Respondus Test Bank Network.

MSU instructors can use the self-enroll link below or contact the MSU IT Service Desk to request access to the Respondus 4.0 Exam Authoring Community where they will receive more information about Respondus and how to download the software.

MSU Respondus Exam Authoring Community Self-enrollment Page

System Requirements for Respondus 4.0 Exam Authoring