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D2L videos in MSU D2L Training courses

The D2L video tutorials are included in both the Student's Getting Started with D2L course and the Instructor D2L Self-Directed Training course. See the Training tab for a description of each. Use the links below to self-enroll.

Students - Getting Started with D2L Self-enrollment Page

Instructor - D2L Self-directed Training Self-enrollment Page

The Instructor D2L Self-Directed Training module topics include:

D2L Monthly Updates

New Training Videos / Documentation / Blogs

Getting Started: Navigation, Settings, Notifications, and Profile 

Announcements and Classlist


Calendar and Manage Dates

Custom Homepage, widgets, and navbars

Import/Export/Copy Components


Assignments and TurnItIn


Question Library



Self Assessments



Class Progress

Groups and Sections

Accessibility (A11y)

Activity Feed Widget

Advanced Topics

Apps: Pulse, Binder, Assignment Grader

Awards Tool


Content Templates


Insights (Data Analytics)

Intelligent Agents

LOR (Learning Repository)

For more, see the Brightspace Community resources:

Brightspace Community Resources: All Video Playlists 
(Some of the community resources may require a login. Sign up for free with your email on their site.)

D2L Brightspace YouTube Channel:

Brightspace Tutorials Home

Brightspace Tutorials: Playlists

Tutorial playlists in other languages:

Navegue en el entorno de aprendizaje de Brightspace - Configuración de la cuenta - Estudiantes - Spanish

Navegação no ambiente de aprendizagem Brightspace para Alunos – Portuguese

Naviguer dans Environnement d’apprentissage de Brightspace - Réglages du compte - les apprenants – French