Understanding the Final Calculated Grade

View the link below for an explanation of how D2L calculates the final grade for the listed scenarios.

Scenario 1.1: Points-Based Gradebook - Drop ungraded items

Scenario 1.2: Points-Based Gradebook - Treat ungraded items as zero

Scenario 1.3: Points-Based Gradebook - Bonus Item

Scenario 2.1: Weighted Gradebook - Category distribution: weight by points

Scenario 2.2: Weighted Gradebook - Category distribution: distribute weight evenly

Scenario 3.1: Weighted Gradebook - Bonus Item in category: distribute weight evenly

Scenario 3.2: Weighted Gradebook - Bonus Item in category: weight by points

Scenario 3.3: Weighted Gradebook - Bonus Item not in any category

Demystifying the Final Calculated Grade

Presented at the annual D2L User's Conference - FUSION 2014 and FUSION 2015