What you need to access a D2L Course

Quick steps:

  1. MSU NetID or Community ID
  2. faculty of record or enrolled student

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In order to setup your authorization to take a D2L course, you need to:

Have an MSU NetID
The NetID is used by MSU to provide access to the central email system and many other services on campus. A MSU NetID is a unique, alphanumeric identifier of two to eight characters and is generated automatically from the user's name. Individuals may change their IDs for a fee. Organizations should choose an ID which is representative of the organization's name. Information Technology Services reserves the right to reject any ID it deems inappropriate.

Other services include, but are not limited to: computer lab computer login, ANGEL access, Stuinfo access (students), Human Resources Benefits access (faculty/staff), and most other MSU websites. Depending on your affiliation with MSU, you may also have dialup access via your NetID. More information regarding activating and managing MSU NetID.

Community ID
Community IDs are used to provide limited access to log-in services for users who are not affiliated with MSU directly. Such users typically include members of the general public who sign up for non-credit courses, distance learners, Virtual University (VU) students, and non-MSU affiliated library borrowers.

The services accessible with a Community ID are limited and do not grant access to MSU systems which require authorization, such as mail.msu.edu.

Community users create an account by registering using their own e-mail account. After registration, Community users sign in using their e-mail address and the password they created during the registration process. Go tohttp://community.idm.msu.edu to create or access a Community ID account.

Be registered for the course

  • For information on enrollment options, please visit the Office of the Registrar.
  • If you are registered and have problem accessing D2L, please contact MSU IT Services Help Desk at (844) 678-6200 (North America and Hawaii) Local: (517) 432-6200