Accessing Your LOR

Quick steps:

  1. Navigate to your My Home.
  2. Click the Content tab.
  3. Click on the Table of Contents tab.
  4. Select Add Learning Object to copy or link an item from the LOR to your course.
  5. From the More Actions dropdown you can select Publish to LOR to put content from your course into the LOR.
  6. If you do not have access to a LOR and wish one, contact the Helpdesk.

Access the Learning Object Repository (LOR) search, publish and retrieve options from the following:

  • Manage files,
  • Content tool
  • Course Builder
  • Course Admin tab
  • Import/Export/Copy Course Components

Read more:

D2L’s Learning Object Repository (LOR) enables storage, tagging, searching, sharing, linking, reuse and management of learning objects.

A Learning Object Repository is a file storage area accessible in any of your courses. A Learning Object Repository provides you with a basic storage area for your files. You can add files from your computer or create D2L items like pages, quizzes, or surveys.

In addition, a Learning Object Repository enables you to access files in this storage area from any of your courses. From within your course you can copy or link to items in the Learning Object Repository. If you have a document that needs to appear in more than one of your courses, you can put that document in the Learning Object Repository and link to it from each of your courses. When you change this document in the Learning Object Repository, any course linked to it will be updated automatically.

Note: quizzes must always be copied to your course from the LOR, they cannot be linked. Tools that are linked (quizzes, dropboxes, forums) cannot be copied to a LOR.  Plan how you will use LOR objects and copy the smallest item you may wish to use in other places.  To update you will need to replace the item in the LOR.