ePortfolio at MSU

D2L documentation on ePortfolio:

Instructors: Brightspace ePortfolio

Learners: Document and share ideas and achievements


Quick steps

  • After logging in to D2L, along the top minibar, locate the ePortfolio link.
  • From within a course use the Communication > ePortfolio menu to access.
  • Most pages within the course will have a link to Reflect in ePortfolio.

ePortfolio is a personal portfolio tool for storing, organizing, reflecting on and sharing items that represent your learning. You can include documents, graphics, audio files, videos, presentations, course work, etc. to demonstrate your improvement or mastery in a certain area. You decide what items you want to include in your ePortfolio, how you want to organize them, and who you want to share them with. When you share items with your peers, mentors, potential employers, etc. you can give them permission to view items, edit items, see or add comments and see or add assessments depending on what type of feedback you want.

You can create:

  • Artifacts (individual items)
  • Collections (groups of related items)
  • Reflections (thoughts about your learning)
  • Presentations (web projects showcasing your items and achievements)
  • Learning objectives (plans for specific learning outcomes)

You can share items with others by giving them permission to:

  • View an item
  • Comment on an item
  • View comments from others
  • Assess an item
  • View assessments from others
  • Edit an item

You can use the Explore area to see what items other people are sharing with you.

ePortfolios are recognized as important learning tools because they encourage users to track and share all of the work that goes into a project, instead of just the final result. They also encourage users to tweak and improve their work over time. This shift helps emphasize the importance of looking at the entire learning process, rather than the end results, and helps users build an attitude of life-long learning and continuous improvement.

ePortfolio enables you to monitor user progress and provide ongoing feedback and support through comments and assessments. It is also integrated with the Learning Environment so that users can submit items to assignment folders in specific courses where they can be assessed. When an item is submitted to an assignment, it becomes a unique object and is not updated when changes are made to the item in ePortfolio. Thus, having users submit items to a course assignment allows you to evaluate their achievements at a specific point in time, while evaluating users through ePortfolio allows you to provide guidance so they can continue to improve their work.

Learners add certified assignments and grades to their ePortfolio by going to ePortfolio > My Items > Add > Course Results. Learners can also upload other files, reflections, and links to their ePortfolio area. Presentations and Collections can then be created and shared from the list of items.

When leaving MSU, users can copy their MSU ePortfolio to myDesire2Learn (export/import). See the steps in the following pages.