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Reset a Course and Delete Everything

Course Reset Button

As of March 2020, there is now a button to delete everything (with a double warning built-in). The Course Reset process does not affect user enrollments, sections, or section enrollment.

Course Reset permanently deletes all course content, activities, gradebook items, and student data. After performing a course reset, an Audit Log maintains a record of the course reset action, including the date and time of the course reset, the data that was selected for deletion, the user who performed the course reset, and any errors that occur during the course reset process.

Who can reset a course and where is it found?

The Course Reset button is only available Course Administrator, DevCourseAdmin, and CommunityAdmin roles. With a permitted role, the Course Reset option is found in the Course Admin menu. It is advisable to export your course content before deleting. See D2L Course Export and Backing up Select Student Data for more information.

What if students have already started using the course?

If the course has already started when you notice the problem, it may be too late to start over.

If you need to identify which items to keep and which to delete, edit the titles of associated content items, activities, and/or grade items (i.e., add a dash or "c" in the title). Alternatively, put an x in the titles of content, activity, or grade items you know you can delete.

Then when you go to delete duplicated items such as grade items, assignments, quizzes, or discussions, you will know which items are connected. Make certain not to delete activities that already have submissions. Always export the gradebook as a csv file for safekeeping before deleting any duplicated grade items.

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