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Users will have the ability to sign up for a newletter to get updates on D2L changes and updates. This will allow users to get the ability to be more up to date on changes that are being made to D2L and how to users are effected as well.

07/27/2021 D6767 Submitted

When leaving 'grade feedback' on an item it does not show up unless a grade item is saved to the page. This feature change will allow for instructors to see the feedback they leave for a student without having to release a grade. 

07/27/2021 D8061 Submitted

This feuatre will allow for users to not have an extra step of maximizing the HTML editor. The HTML editor will allow users to click inside the HTML editor and write feedback while being able to see the context of the page. This feature will be a reupdate of the old fuctionality of the HTML editor for giving feedback.

07/21/2021 D2571 Under consideration for an upcoming release

This feature will improve the HTML editor when leaving question feedback on a Quiz attempt. This will also improve the 'insert stuff' button for creating files. The feature will improve on the response of the HTML editor when trying to access the toolbar.

07/14/2021 D1419 Planned for an upcoming release

This feature will allow for the students to have better organization of the Calendar within D2L. Students will be able to view all their assignments and upcoming tests/ assignments for the class. Students will also have easier access to view the due dates with time stamps for the assignments.

07/13/2021 D806/D3422 Not Currently Planned

This feature will allow for the ability to remove the title of the author on a post in the D2L announcements. 

06/03/2021 D7053 Under consideration for an upcoming release

This feature will allow for professors to edit their classlist default email subject line. The default subject line will be be blank and remind the user to edit the subject line. This will be a new customizable feature that will allow for users to get custom notifications that are professor or class specific rather than the automated notifications that say "D2L".

06/02/2021 D1363 Submitted

This feature will allow for students to view all the modules but without the descriptions until the module is released. Modules that are not released will stay as a title and when opened then the description will pop up with any attachments that the students need to complete that module. This is a feature could be a possible default that pairs along side hiding a modules visibility. 

05/25/2021 D7858 Submitted

When a student needs special access/ extra time there will be a toggle for the student rather than adding each student to every special access quiz. 

05/13/2021 D681 Under Development

This feature will allow for grades to be exported for the instructors but will not create a grade/ publish a grade for the students to see.

05/13/2021 D7414 Submitted

This feature will allow instructors to have easier assess to their visibility for content that is posted and discussion posts. There will be a batch feature to allow easier viewing access for the instructor as well. Something more simpler than the switch on every post. To look at all the content in a simpler list format.

05/11/2021 D7790 Submitted

This feature will allow for a more automated system for grading when a certain test/ assignment is past. When a date expires any sudent who has not turned in or completed the assignment will automatically recieve a zero. This can be changed manually of course when completed late or with an exception but the base line grade will be a zero if not completed on time.

05/11/2021 D3202 Not Currently Planned


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