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When deleting a question from the question library, provide a prompt that allows users to also delete the question from quizzes that it appears in.

03/02/2021 D7460 Submitted

When grading in the Quiz tool, if you make a search and set search options, those options will be preserved when moving to grade a new Quiz

This idea requests that the same capability be added to the Assignments tool, when viewing the Assignments submission list. So, when you make a search and set specific options, those options will be preserved when moving to a new Assignment.

02/22/2021 D7479 Under Development

Add the ability to export D2L quizzes to formats like Word, Plaintext, or CSV. Also add capability to reimport files of those types for use as quizzes.

Other PIE submissions: D3718, D3903, D362

02/19/2021 D1094 Not Currently Planned

Add a way for instructors to quickly tell the visibility status of a rubric. This could take the form of an icon or a new column on the Rubrics list.

02/15/2021 D7444 Submitted

This feature will make it so that a student's section number will automatically be included when they send an email to an instructor via D2L.

02/12/2021 D7441 Submitted

Add Answer Feedback to Quiz questions without it creating a new version of the questions.

02/12/2021 D607 Submitted

This feature asks that instructors be provided the option to import assignments without importing their associated categories. Instructors could then proceed to create new categories and designate the existing assignments to them as desired.

02/01/2021 D7375 Submitted

Addition of Special Access functionality to the Discussions tool

01/29/2021 D726 Not Currently Planned

Rearrange courses in the My Courses widget and course list via drag-and-drop as opposed to order by pinning.

Other MSU Ticket Numbers: 962739

01/29/2021 D4588 Submitted

Introduce the capability for users to quickly de-associate activities from grade items. Rather than needing to navigate to the associated activity, the user could remove the association right from the Manage Grades page.

01/12/2021 D7236 Submitted

An automatic notification sent via email to instructors who have inactive courses starting soon. This notification email will serve to remind instructors of the need to activate their class, and will include instructions on how to proceed with the activation process.

01/04/2021 D7204 Submitted

User Grades Events Logs can be generated for individual users in Enter Grades > dropdown arrow next to user name > View Event Log. This idea asks for the functionality for User Grades Events Logs to be generated for the entire class at once, perhaps exported as an excel file with columns like [Student Name] [Assignment with grade change] [Name of person who made the change] [Date and time that change was made].

12/10/2020 D7158 Submitted


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