What’s New in D2L for Instructors?

MSU upgraded D2L to 10.8.7 on November 11, 2018. Future upgrades will occur on a monthly basis for hosted institutions. The current version is 10.8.6.

To see what the current version is at any given time, go to d2l.msu.edu, click on the “Admin Tools” icon (top right corner), select View Product Versions, and note the version listed under “Learning Environment.” The items below indicate new features and changes since the last version. For full details on version updates, see the Release Notes on the Brightspace Community site. Sign up or login using your msu.edu email address for access to additional resources.

What's new in (10.8.6 - 10.8.7):

  1. (10.8.6) Assignments – Anonymized learner names | New
    To avoid unconscious bias in the grading and feedback process, instructors can now configure assignments to use anonymous learner names. Individual feedback must be saved as draft initially and then later can be published in bulk using “Publish All Feedback.” Students identified with the submission will be visible in grades after the evaluation process.

  2. (10.8.6) Assignments - New assignment types | New
    On paper submission and Observed in person assignment types are now available in Assignments. These new assignment submission types do not require users to upload a file or provide a text submission. This allows instructors to create assignments for a wide variety of activities and provide evaluation and feedback for these assignments. 

    On paper assignments are submitted directly to instructors in class, but allow evaluation and feedback in D2L. A presentation can also be observed in person and evaluated in D2L. Both new assignments can be marked as complete by learners, automatically marked as complete on their due date, or marked as complete upon evaluation by the instructor, depending on how the assignment is configured.

  3. (10.8.6) Updates to personalize color options at the Course level | New
    Users can now apply a color behind the link area on navbars, and set the text color scheme to either light (white) or dark (near black). Users can change their color options in the Navbar’s associated theme.

  4. (10.8.6) Content - Send to Binder | Removed
    The Send to Binder option from the Content tool is no longer available as of November 1, 2018. To access course materials offline, learners can use the Brightspace Pulse app.

  5. (10.8.6) HTML Editor - Descriptive error message for quicklinks to unavailable course activities| New
    Previously, when clicking a quicklink to unavailable activities, users received a non-specific error page that did not clarify the reason. The updated messaging now let’s the user know the item is not available.

  6. (10.8.6) Quizzes- Auto-save during quiz taking | New
    Learners' quiz responses are now automatically saved during the quiz taking process. For forced response questions (such as Multiple Choice and True or False), learner responses are saved automatically when they select the radio button or checkbox. Text input questions auto save every 10 to 15 seconds, and html-enabled questions save when the mouse cursor is clicked outside the quiz response input area. Auto-save sends save timestamps to the quizzing log, as the manual save function previously did. For quizzes with multiple pages, quiz responses automatically save upon navigating to a new quiz page. The Save all Responses and Go to Submit Quiz buttons have been removed, and are no longer visible on the quiz page. Now, the only button visible on the quiz page is Submit Quiz. If internet connectivity is lost during the quiz-taking process, learners can answer questions but are unable to auto save questions or submit the quiz until the connection is restored.

  7. (10.8.6) Quizzes - Removal of Rubrics | Updated
    Instructors can no longer attach a rubric to a quiz or grade rubrics already attached to a quiz. Any data stored in rubrics is retained.

  8. (10.8.6) Rubrics - Improvements to features and workflows in the rubrics grading experience in Assignments | New
    Several changes were made to how rubric’s are evaluated and displayed, including criterion feedback, rubric totals, and the overall score or level achieved.

  9. (10.8.7) Assignments - Anonymous Marking in Brightspace | Updated
    Anonymous marking in Assignments features the following updates:
    - Instructors can see a new icon associated with assignments that have anonymous marking enabled. 
    - User names are revealed to instructors once feedback is published
    - A Publish All Feedback button is available in assignments with anonymous marking enabled to ensure anonymity when publishing feedback
    - Improved confirmation messaging appears to remind instructors to complete feedback for all anonymous users. If Publish All Feedback is selected before providing feedback for all anonymous submissions, the confirmation window will state the number of users with feedback and the total number of users.

  10. (10.8.7) Assignments - Evaluate submissions page displays in full screen | New
    The Evaluate Submission page no longer displays navbar links. This provides instructors with more screen space to view and evaluate assignments.

  11. (10.8.7) Content - Add existing assignments to content | Updated
    The On paper submission and Observed in person submission types available in Assignments can now be added to Content from the Existing Activities menu.

  12. (10.8.7) Homepages - Users can edit homepage banner image titles | New
    Instructors can change the homepage banner image titles. The title can be changed to the Org Unit Name, a custom value (such as Hello {FirstName}) or the title can be deleted to display no title.

  13. (10.8.7) Quizzes - Quizzes display in full screen | New
    Quizzes now display in full screen. When a learner clicks Start Quiz, the navbar disappears. This provides additional screen space for the quiz by removing unnecessary navigation elements from view.