Remote Proctor Now Student Guide

Remote Proctor NOW (RPNow) through Software Secure is an online software solution for online examination licensed by MSU. Remote Proctor NOW integrates with D2L so that instructors can set up exams that are facilitated in a secure and proctored testing environment for a cost of $15 per proctored exams. Remote Proctor NOW authenticates the identity of the test taker and captures the exam session, which is later reviewed by certified proctors. A report is provided to the instructor with links to the video.

What you need to get up and running with RPNow:

- a PC or a Mac (NOTE: MAC OS 10.12.x Sierra is not supported by Software Secure Remote Proctor NOW at this time.)
- an internet connection
- a webcam, either external or the one built into your computer
- personal identification ready to show the camera

  1. Access the remote proctoring system
    1. Go to

    2. Play the video for step-by-step instructions and review the Helpful Hints.

    3. Download the software.

    4. Select Run or double click the downloaded file to install the application.
      Note: Only one monitor is allowed while using the Remote Proctor Now software.  Please disconnect any additional monitors. Turning a monitor off may not work, so it should be unplugged.

    5. Once the application has launched, select your instructor or course.

    6. Select the Exam you will be taking.

    7. Enter your personal contact information and click Next.

    8. Read the on-screen information and proceed when complete.

    9. A payment page will display for you to enter your payment information if required.
      Note: There is no charge for practice exams.

  2. Verify your identity and exam environment
    1. Follow the on screen prompts to verify your identity.

    2. Take a clear picture of your valid photo ID (Government issued ID).

    3. Scan your testing area using your webcam. Lift up laptop (if used) and rotate around and toward desk.

    4. Take a clear picture of yourself once you are seated as you will be when you take your exam.

  3. Take the Exam
    1. From the drop-down menu select D2L.

    2. At the login screen of D2L, log into the system with your MSU NetID and password.

    3. Navigate to the course and the exam you will be taking through the content link or the Assessments pull down.

    4. When prompted to enter a password, click the "Insert Exam Password" button on the top of the screen.

    5. Complete the exam within the required time limit.

    6. Remember to "Submit" your exam within D2L. Saving the exam is not the same as submitting. The questions will automatically be saved when you submit the exam.

  4. Exit the remote proctor program
    1. Click the X or Close button on the top-right of the screen.
      IMPORTANT: Although you have submitted and finalized the exam, the system will still continue recording until you exit from the program!


For more help with RPNow see the following resources:


RPNow Test Taker University: 

Support for students

NOTE: MAC OS 10.12.x Sierra is not supported by Software Secure RPNOW at this time.

Please review the following to be sure you choose the right path for support.

Call MSU Distance Learning Services Help Desk at (517) 355-2345 when:

  • You can’t log in to D2L.

  • You don’t know where the exam is or the exam is no longer available.

  • You are getting an "incorrect password" error while trying to get into the exam.


Contact Software Secure support, the provider of Remote Proctor NOW, when:

  • You need help with navigating through the Remote Proctor website.

  • You need help with (or are getting errors when) you attempt Authentication.


Software Secure technical support is available 24/7 for students and instructors:

Documentation adapted from Software Secure Inc. documentation.