[RESOLVED] Sending email to large email lists may generate an error


Updated on 10/30/17: The D2L email timeout issue has been addressed. As of 10/30/17 MSU is using the D2L hosted mail option. This option should allow the email process to complete more efficently and thus avoid the timeout issue. 

Update on 10/18/17: The root cause of the email issue has been identified as a system time out issue. A fix for the issue is currently in progress with an ETA for resolution on 10/30/17.

MSU D2L instructors have reported intermittent errors when sending email to classlists over 100 students in D2L. When instructors send out email to large recipient lists an error message is generated or the email is not delivered to some recipients. At this time, the MSU IT team is seeking a solution to the problem and will keep users updated through this Known Issue Listing. 




1) Consider sending email in smaller batches of 50 to 100 students at a time using the options to set the classlist page limit. 

2) Use the Registrar Office Instructor Systems to send the message 


You may also want to communicate with your classes about the intermittent email errors by using a D2L News Item (Announcement) on your Course Homepage or posting a message to a Q&A Discussion Forum under Communication > Discussions.


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Friday, September 22, 2017 - 13:25