Known Issues

The following issues have been identified by the Desire2Learn Support Team based on our testing and information provided by the MSU Community. We appreciate your help in identifying these issues as we work with the vendor to provide resolution. Reviewing this list will inform you of existing issues with the system and their workarounds.

Terms to know:

Hotfix – Fix patches provided by the vendor, outside of the monthly patch cycle

Workaround – Alternate means of completing the task at hand, barring an immediate fix

DLS Helpline – Distance Learning Services help hotline for Desire2Learn issues, reachable at 355-2345, 1-800-500-1554, or

Titlesort descending Description Date of Problem MSU Ticket Number Problem Number Tool Workaround
Cannot delete custom widgets

There is no distinction in D2L between the ability to delete custom widgets, and being able to delete MSU wide widgets. Due to this, users are unable to delete custom widgets in their course.

09/22/2016 - 08:15

If you need a widget deleted from your course, please contact the Service Desk.

Cannot edit text on iPad

Caller is using an iPad to access D2L courses. She has found that when she typed into a text box, such as a discussion forum message, she does not have the option to go back and edit the text. Her cursor will not allow her to edit.

01/25/2016 - 09:00 514805 PRB0044227 Text

Using a computer, as opposed to a tablet, is the workaround for this case.

Discussion editor you are not able to edit on an IPad

When you are in the Discussion editor you are able to type just fine but as soon as you go back and try to edit anything you are not able to place the cursor any where in the text. There isn't a typeover or insert mode on an IPad but in the editor you should be able to put the cursor at least in between works so you can add text and it won't do that..

06/17/2014 - 15:15 PRB0044227

The DLS helpdesk has found that if you type and edit the text in the notes app, and then select all and paste it into the discussion this provides you with a workaround.  D2L has no immediate plans to fix this behavior.

Draft email messages not associated with course

Email messages composed within a course and saved as draft are not associated with the course in which they were composed.  As a result, filtering by course in the draft messages folder of the email tool will not reveal any results.

08/26/2014 - 10:45 560095 PRB0040475 Email

Use the filer by All instead of Course when filtering drafts. 

Emails filtering into wrong sub-folder

When an instructor receives a message from someone in the course, they can use the filter by course option and find the message. However, if they respond to the message and add themselves to the cc area or sends a message to themself in the course it does not appear when they use the filter by course option. In this case it only appears if he filters by the groups within the course.

03/14/2016 - 08:45 14118 PRB0044093

No work around at this time.

Invalid Characters allowed in Filenames

Filenames containing invalid characters are not sanitized when uploaded to D2L.  Invalid characters within a filename can cause some functionality to break within the system.  The following characters are invalid: \ / : * ? " < > | ~ # % & + { }

08/27/2014 - 12:45 580211 PRB0042319

Avoid uploading files who's names contain one of the invalid characters.