Enhancement Request Status

MSU Ticket Number Description Request Date Product Idea Exchange Status

Allow the copy structure option in the course builder to copy settings.

04/24/2013 Submitted

Able to assign bell curves, bulk grade editors and increase the funtionality of grade book

04/10/2013 Submitted

Currently Audio capture(Record Audio) is a roles and permission based thing. Turning this on or off would impact the org or the course offering levels. What we are requesting is this feature to Record Audio is something on a course level, specifically on a Discussion(per topic) and per Drop box level. Instructors should be able to enable or disable the Record audio option per topic so that they can allow students to use this feature only when needed. Also, this would not impact all the other courses as it seems to be currently set up.

03/18/2013 Submitted

Allow a global search of discussion forums and their topics.

03/19/2013 Submitted

Option to add users to groups immediately after enrolling into the course.

03/19/2013 Submitted

Option to edit multiple quiz questions at one time.

03/24/2013 Submitted

Universal method of controlling the Google Apps widget

03/26/2013 Submitted

Allow Automated Grading of Discussions

04/04/2013 Submitted

Add a grade item to surveys or a way to award 'participation points' for completing a survey

04/04/2013 Submitted

Be able to set Enumeration/Style/# of mulitple choice questions once instead of with each question.

04/25/2014 Submitted

Allow us to make changes to the sample file for grade imports

04/08/2013 Submitted

Have the replacement strings {FirstName} and {LastName} generate each students name when they are viewing the content.

04/08/2013 Submitted


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