Enhancement Request Status

Request Date MSU Ticket Number Description Product Idea Exchange Status Status Feature Request Ticket Number D2L Ticket Number
02/19/2014 504821

Control widget min/max height

D1337 Submitted
02/19/2014 508074

Restrict my courses view to only current semester

D293 Submitted
02/19/2014 509230

Import/Copy option on all tools

D1336 Submitted
02/19/2014 512004

Toggle subscription option in discussions

D370 Submitted
02/19/2014 514108

Allow alternative units for arithmetic questions

D1334 Submitted
12/12/2013 480145

Allow instructor to control attachment option in discussion

D1089 Submitted
05/20/2013 438397

Content view page doesn't retain the state the user left it in.

Submitted PM 69149 INC00247995
04/25/2014 425398

Be able to set Enumeration/Style/# of mulitple choice questions once instead of with each question.

Submitted 1275 INC00241843
04/04/2013 424926

Add a grade item to surveys or a way to award 'participation points' for completing a survey

Submitted 561 INC00241845
04/04/2013 424921

Allow Automated Grading of Discussions

Submitted 322 INC00241848
03/26/2013 422149

Universal method of controlling the Google Apps widget

Submitted 1110 INC00235982
03/24/2013 421480

Option to edit multiple quiz questions at one time.

Submitted 1252 INC00238015


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