Enhancement Request Status

Request Date MSU Ticket Number Description Product Idea Exchange Status Status Feature Request Ticket Number D2L Ticket Number
01/15/2014 502789

Reduce quiz score when students use hints

D1151 Submitted
01/15/2014 503869

Automatic grade entry for submission to dropbox, quiz, survey and discussion.

D264 Submitted
01/15/2014 504921

Allow modules to be made public for marketing and communciation.

D1149 Submitted
01/15/2014 508276

Display all discussion on one page for easy viewing and grading

D752 Submitted
05/12/2013 436019

Allow cascade setting of items within a module

D1092 Submitted
09/18/2013 475610

Allow default setting for attendance tool

D1090 Submitted
02/19/2014 519031

Prompt user to save content before leaving a page.

D1165 Submitted
02/19/2014 516121

Reduced score for late submission of quizzes.

D1333 Submitted
02/25/2014 509872

When copying, keep associated files without user intervention

D171 Submitted
02/21/2014 488837

New question type: Multiple select table matrix with customizable labels.

D1174 Submitted
02/19/2014 484362

Display average points for category in gradebook

Submitted FR1070
02/19/2014 486817

Display group membership on classlist and in grade export file.

D781 Submitted


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