Enhancement Request Status

Request Date MSU Ticket Number Description Product Idea Exchange Status Status Feature Request Ticket Number D2L Ticket Number
04/16/2014 536936

Special Access for Course

D789 Submitted
04/16/2014 536627

Calendar events honor access control for item

D1527 Submitted
04/16/2014 538866

Preview option in Manage Files

D1526 Submitted
04/16/2014 535267

File Upload Quiz Question Type

D724 Submitted
04/16/2014 531888

Generate Summary Stats for Surveys and Quizzes.

D351 Submitted
04/16/2014 531707

Allow browser spell checker to work in HTML editor

D364 Submitted
03/11/2014 503302

faculty want to receive notifications when submissions have been made to specific dropboxes in their courses.

D584 Submitted
03/04/2014 507859

discussion interface that allows faculty to 1) view all discussions in one frame and 2) to grade individual postings in a pop-up window.

D1172 Submitted
03/03/2014 525571

Provide visual indicator of which submission view is active in a quiz

D785 Submitted
01/24/2014 492864

Requesting that an option be added so we can set the Demo Student role correctly and not have them added to groups when randomly generating them in a course.

D1201 Submitted
01/16/2014 491876

Drill down in item analysis of survey to determine who answered each response

D1163 Submitted
01/15/2014 502579

In quiz, when grading by question, make the answer key distinct from the answer

D1153 Submitted


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