Enhancement Request Status

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Option to add users to groups immediately after enrolling into the course.

03/19/2013 Submitted

Allow a global search of discussion forums and their topics.

03/19/2013 Submitted

Currently Audio capture(Record Audio) is a roles and permission based thing. Turning this on or off would impact the org or the course offering levels. What we are requesting is this feature to Record Audio is something on a course level, specifically on a Discussion(per topic) and per Drop box level. Instructors should be able to enable or disable the Record audio option per topic so that they can allow students to use this feature only when needed. Also, this would not impact all the other courses as it seems to be currently set up.

03/18/2013 Submitted

Instructors want to be able to hide courses on the the home page.

03/10/2013 Submitted

Ability to hide person from students but still show up on classlist.

03/04/2013 Submitted

In email, you click on a message, message text appears below. On a laptop - there is very little room - you can't see much of the message. You can roll up the message list area, but then you are constantly rolling/unrolling and scrolling up and down. It would be nice if the message popped up in a new window. Or, if the scrolling scrolled the entire page you could at lease see your message text.

03/04/2013 Released

Sound with the Pager tool

03/04/2013 D4442 Submitted

Polling widget

03/01/2013 Submitted

Display the grade as it appears in the gradebook when sent in the notification email. Currently only percents are displayed.

02/26/2013 Submitted

Calendar for students to choose meeting times for one-on-ones

02/20/2013 Submitted

Multiple choice cloze (basically a multiple choice fill in the blank)

02/18/2013 Submitted

For Intelligent Agents adding a specific time for them to run. Not just the date.

02/28/2013 Submitted


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