Enhancement Request Status

MSU Ticket Number Description Request Date Product Idea Exchange Status

Hide self enrollment groups where the enrollment date has expired. 

01/22/2018 D4339 Submitted

Have ability to view rubric criteria statistics broken down by individual student. 

01/26/2018 D4351 Submitted

have an accurate class count of students in the course by sections without counting Demo Students, Editors, etc on the classlist page while also detailing number of enrollments per section. 

05/07/2018 D508 Not Currently Planned

Control notifications at the course level 

05/25/2018 D2337 Submitted

add a dropdown menu in the HTML editor in D2L that lists styles that I create in a CSS document. This is a common feature in CMS HTML editors (it can be done in WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal).

05/25/2018 D4595 Submitted

User requesting that bulk section enrollment be added to the bulk user mangement tool.

08/01/2018 Submitted

Option to copy Criteria group when editing / creating rubrics

08/21/2018 D4752 Submitted

have ability to play PowerPoint files with audio directly in the learning environement without the need to download the files

09/11/2018 D4811 Submitted

Include associated files when copying course component FAQ

09/11/2018 D4812 Submitted

have ability to email external email address directly from the classlist. 

09/17/2018 D4829 Submitted

Desire for D2L to implement a system for managing the Schedules (More specifically the scheduled run dates) of multiple Intelligent Agents at once, using a method like "Bulk Edit Dates" or "Bulk Offset Dates" in the Manage Dates tool.

09/20/2018 D4843 Submitted

Content items' descriptions can only be viewed if you click directly on the submodule for that content item. The description cannot be seen from the table of contents or from the parent module. The enhancement request is for there to be an option to view the description of a content item from anywhere (Without having to click directly on the content item submodule).

09/20/2018 D4775 Submitted


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