Enhancement Request Status

Request Date MSU Ticket Number Description Product Idea Exchange Status Status Feature Request Ticket Number D2L Ticket Number
07/11/2017 255343

When copy and pasting from Word you are prompted to keep or remove formatting. It would help elminate unneed clicks by allowing course admins to set a default setting at the course level. 

D3983 Submitted
08/25/2017 288160

The manage files area of D2L will indicate if an item is linked to a peice of content, It would be more benificial if additional details such as what item it is linked to is provided. 

D4071 Submitted
08/25/2017 288872

Link to Module, rather than topic, using Insert Quicklink

D545 Submitted
09/12/2017 303175

create a topic with a thread where students can only reply

D4104 Submitted
09/19/2017 305801

Have the ability to reorder checklists directly from the content area of a course. 

D2092 Submitted
09/21/2017 306419

Have a select all option in Discussions Group and sections restrictions area. 

D4115 Submitted
09/21/2017 D4114

Make it so students must choose edit on an editable survey. This is to help avoid submissions being removed inadvertently. 

D4114 Submitted
10/04/2017 314778

View deleted quiz attempts

D4144 Submitted
11/15/2017 339759

possibility of having D2L\'s rubrics made available for students to self-assess/self-grade.

D4239 Submitted
11/21/2017 342820

Copy and paste links within the D2L html editor

Submitted D4254
12/12/2017 357364

To have the ability to bulk update questions in the Question Library. 

D4287 Submitted


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