Enhancement Request Status

Request Date MSU Ticket Number Description Product Idea Exchange Status Status Feature Request Ticket Number D2L Ticket Number
08/25/2017 288160

The manage files area of D2L will indicate if an item is linked to a peice of content, It would be more benificial if additional details such as what item it is linked to is provided. 

D4071 Submitted
08/25/2017 288872

Link to Module, rather than topic, using Insert Quicklink

D545 Submitted
09/12/2017 303175

create a topic with a thread where students can only reply

D4104 Submitted
09/19/2017 305801

Have the ability to reorder checklists directly from the content area of a course. 

D2092 Submitted
09/21/2017 D4114

Make it so students must choose edit on an editable survey. This is to help avoid submissions being removed inadvertently. 

D4114 Submitted
09/21/2017 306419

Have a select all option in Discussions Group and sections restrictions area. 

D4115 Submitted
10/04/2017 314778

View deleted quiz attempts

D4144 Submitted
11/15/2017 339759

possibility of having D2L\'s rubrics made available for students to self-assess/self-grade.

D4239 Submitted
11/21/2017 342820

Copy and paste links within the D2L html editor

Submitted D4254
12/12/2017 357364

To have the ability to bulk update questions in the Question Library. 

D4287 Submitted
12/18/2017 361835

Instructor requests having a toggle in the Enter Grades area for D2L that allow for the display of the classic gradebook or blank page with a search tool that allows the insturctor to search and display by user. This will aid in avoiding possible FERPA violations by accidentally displaying whole class grade information to students durring one-on-one meetings.

D4306 Submitted
12/27/2017 362568

​When instructors copy courses from one term to the next using Import, Export, Copy Components, Single topics with the setting Topic Type: "Group or section topic​" are copied into the new course as "Open topics." An instructor then has to go through all of the forums in his/her course, identify where those topics were in the previous version of the course and remove them because they no longer have the restriction that their posting be isolated to groups. This has been described as the system behaving as expected.

Ideally, instructors should have the ability, for these specific topics, to edit the Topic Type and change them back to to "Group or section topic​."

At minimum, like single user topics. These topics should not carry over to the next term.

As of current, instructors must, post course copy, review the Topic Type setting for each topic in their course. If they were using "Group or section topic​," delete the topic, and then redo all of the work that they did to create the topic. Currently, this is the only topic that reverts the Topic Type setting, that cannot be changed after creation, from its intended focus, group restricted, to a global topic.

D4313 Submitted


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