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10/26/2016 130734

Allow a replication option for email instead of the need to copy, compose, and paste text for duplicate emails. By replicating the email this would also have any attachments and only make the instructor add more addresses.

Describe the value you would receive if this idea was implemented: *

Currently, instructors with large courses have to send several emails because the system will only allow to email 200 at a time. Instructors then have to copy all of the text, compose a new email, and paste the text over. Additionally, they have to reattach all of their files as needed. A replication tool would improve the work flow and save significant time.


D3519 Submitted
11/03/2016 146377

adding student-tailored feedback through Excel in bulk form

D3540 Submitted
12/14/2016 Copy Questions in Question Library to Another Section Folder

 the ability to copy questions in one section of the question library to a new section folder.

D3600 Submitted
01/13/2017 160357

​Student suggested to have an option for grades to have a separate updates tab at the notifications icon at the top of D2L. This would help for when students want to only receive updates on new grade posts instead of additional updates regarding things such as content.

D3637 Submitted
01/13/2017 162508

​Instructor would like the custom points to be the default scoring method of a rubric. He would also like a warning message on point rubrics that do not offer custom points. He would like to be warned before creating a rubric that the points cannot be customized so he does not have to recreate it each time.

D3638 Submitted
01/26/2017 182296

Is it possible for D2L to more clearly indicate to a user if the answered a questions correctly or incorrectly

D3662 Submitted
01/30/2017 185349

abilty to set date restrictions on the chat tool

D3665 Submitted
04/13/2017 212115

D2L equation editor is only able to export into MathML 1.1 which is not compatabale with all browsers. It would be nice to be able to select the desired language of choice. 

D3777 Submitted
05/03/2017 211800

"Disable Pager and Alerts" is a advanced quiz setting qhich is turned on by default. The instructor has requested that this be turned off by defafault. By having this on it disables the student's ability to communicate while a quiz submission is pending. This disabled the email tool as well. The instructor explained that this can cause issue for student's doing practice quizzes and for grad students who are part of lab sections. 

Please consider changing this setting to a default off mode. 

06/01/2017 228158

view documents in full screen while using dropbox evaluate submission

D3882 Submitted
07/07/2017 259048

document viewer is changing the size and formatting of his text, so that it does not appear as it does in the actual word document. It would be nice to have the viewer display with the formatting of the word file. 

D3976 Submitted
07/11/2017 255343

When copy and pasting from Word you are prompted to keep or remove formatting. It would help elminate unneed clicks by allowing course admins to set a default setting at the course level. 

D3983 Submitted


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