Enhancement Request Status

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He would like to limit the accessibility to Modules, Content Items and Dropboxes to certain groups.

02/02/2013 D239 Not Currently Planned

The option for Originality Checking doesn't show up while creating a dropbox in the Course Builder like it does in the Manage Dropbox area.

02/06/2013 D237 Not Currently Planned

In email, you click on a message, message text appears below. On a laptop - there is very little room - you can't see much of the message. You can roll up the message list area, but then you are constantly rolling/unrolling and scrolling up and down. It would be nice if the message popped up in a new window. Or, if the scrolling scrolled the entire page you could at lease see your message text.

03/04/2013 Released

Sound with the Pager tool

03/04/2013 D4442 Submitted

Polling widget

03/01/2013 Submitted

Display the grade as it appears in the gradebook when sent in the notification email. Currently only percents are displayed.

02/26/2013 Submitted

Calendar for students to choose meeting times for one-on-ones

02/20/2013 Submitted

Multiple choice cloze (basically a multiple choice fill in the blank)

02/18/2013 Submitted

For Intelligent Agents adding a specific time for them to run. Not just the date.

02/28/2013 Submitted

When you add a link and choose from the menu it needs an option Mail To:

This can be worked around by inserting a URL link and setting the URL to mailto:{yourNetID}@msu.edu

Where {yourNetID} is your NetID.

02/11/2013 Submitted

Instructor would like a warning message when you leave pages letting you know the page hasn't been saved.

02/10/2013 Submitted

The instructor would like the ability to determine the total number of original posts vs replies to other peoples posts because many instructors base their grading on this.

02/09/2013 Submitted


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