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11/12/2013 492759

When sharing an item via an ePortfolio there should be a success message displayed to the user (i.e. 'You successfully shared this item').

D944 Submitted
11/12/2013 492762

When someone shares an item with you in ePortfolio, the item appears on your ePortfolio page under the name of the sharer. However, there is no indication of how you know this person. It would be helpful if like in the email tool you could see a list of courses you have in common with this individual. If a faculty member is teaching multiple courses using ePortfolio and students are sharing items with him, then he has no way of knowing what course the item is affiliated with. Secondly, there does not appear to be a way to organizing items shared with you into a collection so that you can find them more easily in the future.

D943 Submitted
10/22/2013 486378

Allow the filtering tools in the LMS to remain effective when exporting to CSV. Or provide better tools to export and format export file on the LMS side rather than on the export side.

D221 Submitted
10/03/2013 480862

Instructor needs to be able to export survey data in CSV format, presented by user, by attempt, at the date they made the attempt, much like can be exported for Quiz data (under Grade > export to CSV for a quiz).

D941 Submitted
11/12/2013 492551

Wanted a way to export the quiz and survey data so that all question answers had their own column, rather than separate rows beneath each student's name.

D221 Submitted
05/11/2013 435976

Ability to create a discussion where everyone could read the posts, but only members of certain groups could post to the topic.

D939 Submitted
10/05/2013 481558

Ability to view and print a summary of all posts within a forum/topic. None of the posts has a print option. Browser print option does not print an entire page. Currently the only option is to copy and paste into word.

D337 Submitted
09/26/2013 478445

Add ability for a Time Zone adjustment for assignment due dates. When you set a due date/time in D2L, it is EST (instructor’s zone) and the same for any student regardless of their location (and their time zone setting).

Submitted D937
09/28/2013 479216

Include grade feedback in CSV exports.

D928 Submitted
04/23/2014 540757

Subscribe to external calendar

D249 Submitted
04/16/2014 461140

Custom Course Start Page

D1525 Submitted
04/02/2014 512666

Have discussion feedback display with user discussion - link on gradebook.

D503 Submitted


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