Enhancement Request Status

Request Date MSU Ticket Number Description Product Idea Exchange Status Status Feature Request Ticket Number D2L Ticket Number
12/03/2013 496915

Copy objective from grade item to another grade item

D1084 Submitted
12/06/2013 499156

Allow grade export to be sorted by name

D1058 Submitted
12/11/2013 500554

Grades pass from rubric to gradebook

D1006 Submitted
12/11/2013 500632

Points over total option for multipleselect question type

D1083 Submitted
12/16/2013 501676

Quiz export to CSV to include student responses.

D221 Submitted
07/12/2013 451510

Support D689 In-line playing of audio files in Dropbox

D689 Submitted
03/01/2013 415518

Support D755 add Record Audio feature into the Insert Stuff feature of HTML Editor We would like this to be able to record audio into content as well.

D755 Submitted
10/23/2013 486654

Supported D722 Add "record audio" option in quizzes

D722 Submitted
04/08/2013 425851

D2L replacement strings

D272 Submitted
03/26/2013 422128

Our roles are set up so course editors can access all groups and are displayed in the classlist. However, this makes them not be able to be chosen to add to a specific group. Instructor wants to create a group with her three TAs and herself in it so she can e-mail them and receive e-mails from them without having to find them each time in the address book.

D948 Submitted
09/10/2013 472646

Allow comments by the instructors in the attendance tool.

D947 Submitted
09/15/2013 474319

Making the name column in the attendance tool static so scrolling does not remove the name from the screen. Make it float.

D946 Submitted


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