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Request Date MSU Ticket Numbersort descending Description Product Idea Exchange Status Status Feature Request Ticket Number D2L Ticket Number
05/24/2016 67013

Allow chosen settings on the Special Access for Quizzes to persist through class list page changes. 

D3241 Submitted D3241 D3241
03/11/2015 Float the Table of Contents

On main content page, allow the Table of Contents column to float independently of the right content column. You would be able to scroll along either the left or right columns, but not have to scroll both. You could go to a bottom Table of Contents module, but the right content page could stay at the top (or vice-versa).

D2270 Submitted
03/07/2016 10189

Make navigating attendance easier by giving us the ability to browse a specific date or month and see the attendance for that day or month.

Also, a way to export the attendance without changing the columns around.

D3097 Submitted D3097 D3097
09/07/2016 111692

Instructors would find it helpful that during a batch enroll if they are about to alter their own role through the process they receive a warning pop up message.



D3427 Submitted D3427
10/24/2016 113642

While the classlist shows last accessed it would be useful for instructors to be aware of the students date of enrolment, especially if students are not all starting on the same day. This would be especially useful during drops and adds.


D1885 Submitted
10/05/2016 117566

The question library in the Master version of the course should be linked and synced automatically to question library in the current version in use.

D3490 Submitted
10/05/2016 122517

Sort by completed in Quiz grading. In a D2L Quiz > Grade > on both the Users and Attempts

tabs, I would like to be able to sort by Completed. 

D3492 Submitted
09/21/2016 123003

Allow students to view the rubric description field

D3456 Submitted D3456 D3456
10/06/2016 126410

Provide raw scores on the quiz statistics page. 

D3495 Submitted
10/06/2016 128438

Create an instructors only checklist. The current checklist tool works for students and members but not the course administrator. Please create a tool which will allow the instructors to have the same funcationality as the students checklist. 

D3496 Submitted
09/28/2016 128658

Add release condtions to intelligent agents for students enrolled after a specific date. 

D3477 Submitted
10/26/2016 130734

Allow a replication option for email instead of the need to copy, compose, and paste text for duplicate emails. By replicating the email this would also have any attachments and only make the instructor add more addresses.

Describe the value you would receive if this idea was implemented: *

Currently, instructors with large courses have to send several emails because the system will only allow to email 200 at a time. Instructors then have to copy all of the text, compose a new email, and paste the text over. Additionally, they have to reattach all of their files as needed. A replication tool would improve the work flow and save significant time.


D3519 Submitted


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