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Request Date MSU Ticket Number Description Product Idea Exchange Statussort descending Status Feature Request Ticket Number D2L Ticket Number
02/06/2013 389851

The option for Originality Checking doesn't show up while creating a dropbox in the Course Builder like it does in the Manage Dropbox area.

D237 Not Currently Planned Feature request not planned. Client can re-submit features to Product Idea Exchange. INC00230153
02/07/2013 408899

Recalculate and save at the same time. Recalculate, Save and Publish button at the same time. Locate this button at both the top and bottom of the page.

D927 Planned for an upcoming release Recalculate automate in 10.2 release for Spring 2014.
04/04/2013 424921

Allow Automated Grading of Discussions

Submitted 322 INC00241848
12/17/2014 624233

Ability to restore all grades from the logs of events within specified dates would be useful, as opposed to manually entering them one at a time.

For example, if some action changed many grades on November 2,
one could request restoration from the information from the logs of events excluding anything dated later than November 1.

D998 Submitted
03/07/2016 15988

When downloading (exporting) a course, the structure of the course should be retained. objects in the syllabus, etc, have a hierarchial structure, adn the content therein, and it should be retained in the zip file produced by the export proces. This will allow students to use a course content when provided an export, and instructors would find it easier to transfer content to other systems in part or in whole, if the course structure they carefully constructed in D2L was preserved.

D3098 Submitted
05/23/2013 439409

Ability to associate all the groups’ dropboxes to one grade item. Ability to associate multiple items to one grade item in a clean and straight forward fashion – select same grade item multiple times in dropdown menu.

D935 Submitted 255817 INC00253145
06/18/2014 549644

Add all tools to the course builder under browse tools.

D1673 Submitted
11/18/2015 749319

When grading and updating all attempts of a question, fill in the blank fields present you with the option to "give to attempts with the following answer" a specified number of points.  When using multiple fill in the blank fields, however, all fields must be filled in not allowing instructors to give one additional answer to a particular field of the question.  The tool should allow instructors to submit additional answers to each field individually.

D869 Submitted
05/19/2015 662338

Add option to allow users sort control on My Courses.

D2351 Submitted
03/19/2014 509497

Disable/Enable Feedback in Submission view

D1423 Submitted
06/27/2013 447856

Downloading a file by a student from the Table Of Content page will count as a view even though the student didn't open it on D2L.

D502 Submitted
03/11/2015 654126

Grade terminology across tools should be consistent. Terminology to grade various tools varies across tools. This function should be made consistent across all tools. Discussion (Assess Topic) vs Dropbox (view submissions/evaluate) vs Quiz (Grade).

D2275 Submitted


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