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Instructors who are entering grades directly on the Enter Grades page would like to be able to enter a grade for a student and then press Tab on their keyboard to go to the next student. This could be on the Spreadsheet View of the Enter Grades page or the Enter Grades page for an individual item.


12/20/2015 D1088 Closed

drag and drop functions be added to manage files for both adding and rearranging content.

08/09/2013 D122 Closed

Allow default setting for attendance tool

09/18/2013 D1090 Closed

When sharing an item via an ePortfolio there should be a success message displayed to the user (i.e. 'You successfully shared this item').

11/12/2013 D944 Not Currently Planned

Make course copy and export have the same options and features. Not sure why they are different.

  • Copy has more options than export  
  • Export does not have checkboxes for chat, homepages, grade settings, release conditions, widgets,  content display       settings, groups (course files as check box in different location), intelligent agents
  • Neither copy chat
  • Don’t allow users to enter data that will cause export/copy to fail (special characters, etc)
05/19/2015 D2349 Not Currently Planned

When composing an email would it be possible to have "send" and "save" buttons at both the top and bottom of the page.


12/20/2015 D2620 Not Currently Planned

Allow correlation of grade with attendance tool.

09/28/2013 D222 Not Currently Planned

Export Discussion Posts as a .csv or Excel file. This would give faculty and staff an opportunity to analyze their data in excel. This would also allow them to archive the content of their discussion posts. Adding functionality similar to the "export to .csv" within quizzes would provide the necessary functionality.

12/16/2015 D2586 Not Currently Planned


Tags:  self-assessments 
Currently self assessments do not evaluate answers entered into self assessments.  However, for some question types, such as short answer, arithmetic, and significant figures evaluation would be very desirable.  For example short answers questions can be written with a regular expression; it would be helpful to run the students answer through the regex to see if it is actually correct rather than simply relying on the text feedback to explain what they should have entered.  Or consider an arithmetic question with a forumla like {x}*{y}; while I can write in the feedback that the student should multiply the two numbers that doesn't tell the student if they did their multiplication correctly.
10/15/2014 D1948 Not Currently Planned

Sort user progress by columns other than name. This would make sorting similar to other D2L tools.

05/10/2016 D1781 Not Currently Planned

Make the grading flow for discussion identical to dropbox. Show the discussion on the left column and the grading and feedback options on the right. Be able to read in context and fill in score on same page (currently popup).

05/19/2015 D2348 Not Currently Planned

There is currently a document that faculty are able to view to as an example for importing quiz questions into D2L. We request that this document be more informative, explaining the various options available in more detail, specifically including the score parameters.


12/20/2015 D2960 Not Currently Planned


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