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The option for Originality Checking doesn't show up while creating a dropbox in the Course Builder like it does in the Manage Dropbox area.

02/06/2013 D237 Not Currently Planned

Recalculate and save at the same time. Recalculate, Save and Publish button at the same time. Locate this button at both the top and bottom of the page.

02/07/2013 D927 Planned for an upcoming release

Option on item creation to be draft or published

08/29/2013 D965 Submitted

She wants the students to open the files within D2L and not have the ability to download them to their computer.

08/26/2013 D553 Submitted

Request for the ability to disable the download/print button on a per-content-item basis.

05/19/2015 D767 Submitted

Importing assessment questions. Add this tool (or similar) to your environment
Value: much easier to create quizzes to be imported.

09/16/2013 D929 Submitted

Allow the copy structure option in the course builder to copy settings.

04/24/2013 Submitted

Make start, end and due dates consistent across tools. Start dates, end dates, due dates differ in each tool. They should be the same syntax, labels, names when possible and locations across all tools.

03/11/2015 D2237 Submitted

While the classlist shows last accessed it would be useful for instructors to be aware of the students date of enrolment, especially if students are not all starting on the same day. This would be especially useful during drops and adds.


10/24/2016 D1885 Submitted

We would like to be able to change the color of the fonts in the content area.

01/16/2013 Submitted

When using the classlist to select recipients of an email, the checkboxes need to be cleared as soon as the email is sent so if you are emailing another group of students you don't have to remember to uncheck the original group.

10/15/2014 D1143 Submitted

Add Persian language support in the LE

03/07/2016 D3105 Submitted


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