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Request Date MSU Ticket Number Description Product Idea Exchange Statussort descending Status Feature Request Ticket Number D2L Ticket Number
02/06/2013 389851

The option for Originality Checking doesn't show up while creating a dropbox in the Course Builder like it does in the Manage Dropbox area.

D237 Not Currently Planned Feature request not planned. Client can re-submit features to Product Idea Exchange. INC00230153
02/07/2013 408899

Recalculate and save at the same time. Recalculate, Save and Publish button at the same time. Locate this button at both the top and bottom of the page.

D927 Planned for an upcoming release Recalculate automate in 10.2 release for Spring 2014.
04/16/2014 536627

Calendar events honor access control for item

D1527 Submitted
06/17/2015 684853

Quiz Feedback should have an option to be automatically expanded, not initially hidden.

D2407 Submitted
07/30/2013 455508

to either allow this setting to change or to add some visual cue to the interface to indicate that they cannot be altered after save.

D549 Submitted
03/11/2015 654291

Ability to select all by categories in copy/import/export select components in quiz.In Copy/Import/Export, Select Components, if items are in categories, you should be able to select by category to get all the items at once. This works correctly under Grade Items. Under Quizzes, even if quizzes are in a category, you cannot select all at one time - you must select individually. It should function just as it does under Grade Items.

D2292 Submitted
04/25/2014 425398

Be able to set Enumeration/Style/# of mulitple choice questions once instead of with each question.

Submitted 1275 INC00241843
02/18/2015 637577

When grading by question, allow the number of questions to display per page to exceed 20.  Also, the system should remember the selection from page to page.

D2171 Submitted
07/13/2016 77407

When grading discussion topics in a course have the ability to enter feedback for mulitple students at the same time.

D3337 Submitted D3337 D3337
11/01/2012 382895

Add Dome variable that controls the options under the 'Add Participant' dropdown menu

Submitted 60375 INC00213475
02/19/2014 484362

Display average points for category in gradebook

Submitted FR1070
09/17/2014 585044

Add a "Select All" check box to the top of the publish column when assessing a discussion topic.  This will make it easier to publish multiple grades simultaneously.

D1197 Submitted


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