Enhancement Request Status

Request Datesort descending MSU Ticket Number Description Product Idea Exchange Status Status Feature Request Ticket Number D2L Ticket Number
11/01/2012 382895

Add Dome variable that controls the options under the 'Add Participant' dropdown menu

Submitted 60375 INC00213475
11/12/2012 385699

Currently, it is not possible to hide individuals on a course roster from the students but not the instructor. D2L only allows an entire role to be hidden from the classlist and in that case, no one can see them on the roster.

Submitted 1141 INC00237608
12/18/2012 395249

Instructor would like to set up private user journal discussion forums.

Submitted 797 INC00226482
01/11/2013 400641

Peer review in Drop-box

D1685 Submitted 101 INC00234112
01/16/2013 402166

We would like to be able to change the color of the fonts in the content area.

Submitted 955 INC00229332
01/17/2013 402792

Instructor would like D2L to use a responsive design that automatically adjusts to fill the users screen rather than being a fixed width design that has pictures on the sides if your screen is too wide.

Submitted 763 INC00242205
01/19/2013 403249

Instructor wants to be able to reupload a file that does not have the same filename as the original.

Submitted 1438 INC00245325
01/20/2013 403322

The faculty member things it should say Search in addition to the magnifying glass icon next to the Search For: box...

Submitted 1283 INC00242210
01/21/2013 395125

We'll call this "forced forwarding for instructors" which will allow an instructor to choose to override the students forwarding preference when sending a message and force it to forward to their external email address.

Submitted 1165 INC00238126
01/24/2013 404931

We have instructors that has inquired about being able to indicate seconds in addition to minutes when the students are taking quizzes. It shows the seconds but they are set to x:xx:00.

Submitted 521 INC00226895
01/25/2013 403409

A way to link the calendar to the attendance record so the instructor doesn't have to go in and type in each date manually and the date will just be there linked to the calendar.

Submitted 450 INC00225878
02/02/2013 407371

He would like to limit the accessibility to Modules, Content Items and Dropboxes to certain groups.

D239 Submitted 818 INC00229498


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