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Request Date MSU Ticket Number Description Product Idea Exchangesort descending Status Status Feature Request Ticket Number D2L Ticket Number
06/16/2013 444642

To allow dragging and dropping under manage files, or including a 'move item' option.

Submitted 1592 INC00252233
03/04/2013 415985

In email, you click on a message, message text appears below. On a laptop - there is very little room - you can't see much of the message. You can roll up the message list area, but then you are constantly rolling/unrolling and scrolling up and down. It would be nice if the message popped up in a new window. Or, if the scrolling scrolled the entire page you could at lease see your message text.

Submitted 1161 INC00237805
05/21/2013 438898

Questions per page number is always present

Submitted 1609 INC00253204
02/09/2013 409399

The instructor would like the ability to determine the total number of original posts vs replies to other peoples posts because many instructors base their grading on this.

Submitted 1224 INC00237911
04/24/2013 430912

Allow the copy structure option in the course builder to copy settings.

Submitted 1514 INC00247778
12/18/2015 749039

When editing a quiz that some students (but not all) have completed and questions are deleted, you receive a message stating, "Note: Question was removed from quiz and will be excluded from final score calculation". This is causes some confusion as it is only removing the question for students who will still need to take the quiz. For any students who have completed the quiz so far, the question still appears and is calculated in the final grade. We are requesting that this message be corrected to more accurately explain how removing the question affects both students who have and students who have not yet taken the quiz.


Submitted 749039 D2955
01/16/2013 402166

We would like to be able to change the color of the fonts in the content area.

Submitted 955 INC00229332
03/19/2013 420089

Option to add users to groups immediately after enrolling into the course.

Submitted 1142 INC00237515
05/31/2013 440988

Faster way to add comments to students other than clicking the comment button individually for each student and waiting for a popup window to load (such as with an "apply comment to all users" option like the one that is available for entering students points).

Submitted 1289 INC00252686
05/03/2017 211800

"Disable Pager and Alerts" is a advanced quiz setting qhich is turned on by default. The instructor has requested that this be turned off by defafault. By having this on it disables the student's ability to communicate while a quiz submission is pending. This disabled the email tool as well. The instructor explained that this can cause issue for student's doing practice quizzes and for grad students who are part of lab sections. 

Please consider changing this setting to a default off mode. 

02/20/2013 412765

Calendar for students to choose meeting times for one-on-ones

Submitted 1563 INC00249648
05/13/2013 436281

allow instructors to turn off student ability to email from the classlist on a course by course basis

Submitted 851 INC00247771


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