Enhancement Request Status

Request Date MSU Ticket Number Description Product Idea Exchangesort descending Status Status Feature Request Ticket Number D2L Ticket Number
06/19/2013 445513

Ability to attach mulitple content items to one gradebook item.

Submitted 1591 INC00252227
03/10/2013 417290

Instructors want to be able to hide courses on the the home page.

Submitted 10016 INC00237582
05/23/2013 439303

ability to send email to students who have not submitted a quiz

Submitted 78953 INC00250145
02/11/2013 409852

When you add a link and choose from the menu it needs an option Mail To:

Submitted 1210 INC00238507
05/06/2013 434425

Increase the size of Groups. Limit currently 200

Submitted 1449, 71447 INC00250515
10/19/2015 613627

 We think that the instructor should have an option to display items with a release condition and its details OR to allow them to hide it. But this is inconsistent with items that have date restrictions so some items are hidden and some are displayed and this control should be given to the instructor of the course.


Submitted 613627
01/19/2013 403249

Instructor wants to be able to reupload a file that does not have the same filename as the original.

Submitted 1438 INC00245325
09/26/2013 478445

Add ability for a Time Zone adjustment for assignment due dates. When you set a due date/time in D2L, it is EST (instructor’s zone) and the same for any student regardless of their location (and their time zone setting).

Submitted D937
03/26/2013 422149

Universal method of controlling the Google Apps widget

Submitted 1110 INC00235982
06/12/2013 443940

Allow the selection of which roles will be included when generating groups.

Submitted 1607 INC00252205
03/01/2013 415503

Polling widget

Submitted 20 INC00238145
05/17/2013 437899

Abiity to search for roles and/or email from groups

Submitted 1553 INC00250143


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