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Allow a global search of discussion forums and their topics.

03/19/2013 Submitted

Multiple choice cloze (basically a multiple choice fill in the blank)

02/18/2013 Submitted

Allow Rubrics > Attaching to Discussions > Transfer Rubric Assessment and Score to the Gradebook for Discussions.

05/29/2013 Submitted

We'll call this "forced forwarding for instructors" which will allow an instructor to choose to override the students forwarding preference when sending a message and force it to forward to their external email address.

01/21/2013 Submitted

Add the ability to copy content items

03/01/2013 Submitted

Add a grade item to surveys or a way to award 'participation points' for completing a survey

04/04/2013 Submitted

In email, you click on a message, message text appears below. On a laptop - there is very little room - you can't see much of the message. You can roll up the message list area, but then you are constantly rolling/unrolling and scrolling up and down. It would be nice if the message popped up in a new window. Or, if the scrolling scrolled the entire page you could at lease see your message text.

03/04/2013 Submitted

To allow dragging and dropping under manage files, or including a 'move item' option.

06/16/2013 Submitted

When accessing the import, export, copy tool, if you choose selected components it should allow you to choose categories to bulk select certain items. For example quizzes and grades can be placed into a category. If the category is listed you should be able to choose the category and allow it to select all quizzes within that category.

10/19/2015 Submitted

The instructor would like the ability to determine the total number of original posts vs replies to other peoples posts because many instructors base their grading on this.

02/09/2013 Submitted

Questions per page number is always present

05/21/2013 Submitted

We would like to be able to change the color of the fonts in the content area.

01/16/2013 Submitted


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