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Request Date MSU Ticket Number Description Product Idea Exchangesort descending Status Status Feature Request Ticket Number D2L Ticket Number
12/18/2015 749039

When editing a quiz that some students (but not all) have completed and questions are deleted, you receive a message stating, "Note: Question was removed from quiz and will be excluded from final score calculation". This is causes some confusion as it is only removing the question for students who will still need to take the quiz. For any students who have completed the quiz so far, the question still appears and is calculated in the final grade. We are requesting that this message be corrected to more accurately explain how removing the question affects both students who have and students who have not yet taken the quiz.


Submitted 749039 D2955
02/28/2013 411841

For Intelligent Agents adding a specific time for them to run. Not just the date.

Submitted 1136 INC00236885
05/26/2013 439848

ability to assing a time limit to part of a quiz

Submitted 1625 INC00253377
01/20/2013 403322

The faculty member things it should say Search in addition to the magnifying glass icon next to the Search For: box...

Submitted 1283 INC00242210
05/13/2013 436169

Native RSS feed reader that can be used in D2L widgets.

Submitted 1531 INC00247772
04/04/2013 424921

Allow Automated Grading of Discussions

Submitted 322 INC00241848
03/04/2013 415940

Sound with the Pager tool

Submitted 225 INC00237831
06/13/2013 444248

Instructor Management of trusts in a LOR

Submitted 1594 INC00252237
09/13/2016 67809

Allow students to upload a file from their computer in quiz questions.

Submitted 67809 INC00542152
05/20/2013 438397

Content view page doesn't retain the state the user left it in.

Submitted PM 69149 INC00247995
05/20/2014 547507

Ability to import Fill-in-the-Blank questions using a CSV file.

Submitted 36167 INC00327004
04/10/2013 426631

Able to assign bell curves, bulk grade editors and increase the funtionality of grade book

Submitted 866, 663, 1198 INC00240621


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