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10/15/2014 600197

We'd like to see a notification/warning added to the Add Existing Users page in Classlist>Add Participants that indicates to users when they are trying to enroll a user who is already enrolled in the class.  This would help us avoid a lot of confusion with users who are trying to enroll TA's/Auditors, etc. without realizing that they are already enrolled in the course.  As it currently works, users who are already enrolled in a course just don't show up in the Add Existing Users search results at all.

D374 Submitted
09/28/2013 479216

Include grade feedback in CSV exports.

D928 Submitted
12/20/2015 762609

When regrading multiple short answer or multiple select questions the instructor should be able to regrade on a "per answer" basis. Currently the instructor has to go through ALL possible answer choices and combinations if they regrade this question. This becomes incrediby tedious especially if there are several blanks.


D2962 Submitted
02/25/2014 509872

When copying, keep associated files without user intervention

D171 Submitted
03/11/2015 654094

Manage Categories in all tools. Make Categories same in all tools. Have a Manage Categories button (similar to Quizzes Edit Categories) in all tool areas. It would allow you to Add Categories, edit, delete and manage categories in one location.

D436 Submitted 654094
10/22/2013 486376

Allow link to LOR documents from widgets.

D964 Submitted
05/21/2014 530492

Dialog boxes in D2L should not exceed the height of the users' viewport.

D1603 Submitted
07/03/2013 449364

Add start date and end date and times on widgets so they could appear and disappear automatically as needed.

D193 Submitted
03/18/2015 644266

Currently D2L User Progress shows only the number of total visits and the timestamp for the LAST visit to content. We need detailed information about ALL visits from all visitors (including Instructors and other roles).  Additionally, this detailed information needs to be available about all tools even if there is no link within the content. (Some of our instructors have opted to not even include the dropbox or quiz as a link within the content area, but they instead direct students to the dropbox menu item that students can click to see a list of all the available dropboxes.)


For example, this student visited the dropbox 2 times, but we only have the timestamp for the last visit, but the last visit is way past the deadline. Was the first visit before the deadline? If not then it goes counter to the student's story, if so, then the student's story is plausable.  Image: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1b7Y3Q28s2nVkxObVZuZ1Z2ODA&authuser=0


If this were in ANGEL, we would be able to generate a detailed report that includes the username, role in the course and timestamp. This feature is available for every item in ANGEL that users can access within the content area, including dropboxes and quizzes.  (I'm the only person who visited this course content, but if others would have, every time they clicked on the content it would show as a different item with timestamp: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1b7Y3Q28s2nUTZ5RjZTYnZMUFk/view?usp=sharing)

D2214 Submitted
02/21/2014 488837

New question type: Multiple select table matrix with customizable labels.

D1174 Submitted
01/13/2017 160357

​Student suggested to have an option for grades to have a separate updates tab at the notifications icon at the top of D2L. This would help for when students want to only receive updates on new grade posts instead of additional updates regarding things such as content.

D3637 Submitted
12/18/2015 743466

Print all discussion threads at one time.

D1108 Submitted


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