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01/21/2015 636427

At the top of the Table of Contents page there is an import/export button.   We have found that when a user is creating a brand new courses, they have a tendency to click the "Import/Export" button to begin adding files to the course rather than clicking Add a Module field at the bottom of the screen. 
It would be helpful if there were an add a module button, rather than just a field on the left/bottom of the screen. As it stands, the Import/Export option is more prominent and confuses users who want to add files to their empty courses.

D2138 Submitted
05/03/2017 211800

"Disable Pager and Alerts" is a advanced quiz setting qhich is turned on by default. The instructor has requested that this be turned off by defafault. By having this on it disables the student's ability to communicate while a quiz submission is pending. This disabled the email tool as well. The instructor explained that this can cause issue for student's doing practice quizzes and for grad students who are part of lab sections. 

Please consider changing this setting to a default off mode. 

04/16/2014 531888

Generate Summary Stats for Surveys and Quizzes.

D351 Submitted
10/08/2013 482323

When an instructor grades using Turnitin (connected to a D2L dropbox), they must click on “Use this score” for each submission. Add setting option/checkbox for the dropbox to “Always Choose to use Turnitin score” and have it go directly into the scorebox. Instructor would still have to click Publish.

D934 Submitted
01/25/2016 640882

Survey enhancement to provide survey links to users without D2L accounts.

D128, D463 Submitted
03/11/2015 654256

Add voice feedback option to Dropbox in Grades.

D2285 Submitted
09/17/2014 578817

Import attendance data and/or settings from a CSV file.

D1711 Submitted
12/11/2013 500632

Points over total option for multipleselect question type

D1083 Submitted
06/06/2016 48143

In addition to allowing quiz question exports to Excel/CSV, allow quiz questions to be exported to Microsoft Word.

D3267 Submitted
05/20/2015 678328

Add a login history page within a course to allow instructors to view all login history.

D676 Submitted
08/19/2013 461660

allow students to record attendance for a class period by themselves and also to see a way for the % attendance column to be linkable to a gradebook assignment.

D550 Submitted
10/24/2016 134323

When uploading a SCORM package and not using the advanced settings the SCORM will overwrite any existing SCORMS in the course instead of creating a second (or third or fourth) file. It would be helpful if it uploaded a second package rather than writing over the existing package. At the very least there should be a warning message that the existing package will be overwritten. If instructors do not use advanced settings they may not realize the full effect of the actions that are taking. This would cause a loss of data.



D3513 Submitted


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