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12/17/2014 622158

When you try to upload a grades spreadsheet on the Import Grades page and it fails, the system should tell you why it failed, such as incorrect column headings, missing End-of-Line Indicator column, duplicate column names, trying to import calculated or weighted grades, etc.


It currently gives you a message that says "There were 1 error(s) found in the information you submitted: The import file selected cannot be read. Refer to the sample import file to see how the import file should appear." This error message is unclear and the sample file does not work for instructors using Open Office or certain language settings on their operating system.

D1026 Submitted
03/19/2014 521340

Disable right click in submission view of a quiz

D1421 Submitted
07/12/2013 451510

Support D689 In-line playing of audio files in Dropbox

D689 Submitted
07/30/2013 455508

to either allow this setting to change or to add some visual cue to the interface to indicate that they cannot be altered after save.

D549 Submitted
03/11/2015 654126

Grade terminology across tools should be consistent. Terminology to grade various tools varies across tools. This function should be made consistent across all tools. Discussion (Assess Topic) vs Dropbox (view submissions/evaluate) vs Quiz (Grade).

D2275 Submitted
06/18/2014 551213

Allow simultaneous deletion of multiple calendar events.

D432 Submitted
07/28/2016 91476

Allow for question branching in quizzes like the D2L survey tool allows.


D3193 Submitted
05/19/2015 662338

Add option to allow users sort control on My Courses.

D2351 Submitted
10/19/2015 624443

When accessing the import, export, copy tool, if you choose selected components it should allow you to choose categories to bulk select certain items. For example quizzes and grades can be placed into a category. If the category is listed you should be able to choose the category and allow it to select all quizzes within that category.

Submitted D2805
09/04/2013 469665

Bulk editing for objectives.

D762 Submitted
03/11/2015 654074

Ability to export competency reports to CSV by class and by user. Currently reports within the LE are limited to user-by-user information which can't be exported. If you don’t have Insights/analytics, you are not able to create reports on all the collected data. Without it, it makes the Competency/Objective tools of limited use. While the tool is collecting data, you can’t get at much of it.

D2268 Submitted
05/21/2014 545490

Provide a submission view or completion page at the end of a self assessment rather than displaying a list of self assessments when completed under content.

D1602 Submitted


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