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03/11/2015 654291

Ability to select all by categories in copy/import/export select components in quiz.In Copy/Import/Export, Select Components, if items are in categories, you should be able to select by category to get all the items at once. This works correctly under Grade Items. Under Quizzes, even if quizzes are in a category, you cannot select all at one time - you must select individually. It should function just as it does under Grade Items.

D2292 Submitted
10/24/2013 487152

If a student's overall grade anytime throughout the system drops below xx% an email is generated and informs the student they need to contact the instructor.

D669 Submitted
09/17/2014 592665

When viewing Quiz Statistics using Question Details, or when regrading a Short Answer quiz question,  unspecified responses are collected in a category called "Other."  There currently is no way to see at a glance what all of the Other responses were.  Further, the "Other" responses aggregated to group like responses and include a count of the number of students who said each other response.  This makes it difficult for an instructor to regrade a question because they cannot easily determine what other popular answers may have been.

D1880 Submitted
01/26/2017 182296

Is it possible for D2L to more clearly indicate to a user if the answered a questions correctly or incorrectly

D3662 Submitted
06/17/2015 684853

Quiz Feedback should have an option to be automatically expanded, not initially hidden.

D2407 Submitted
01/25/2016 636666
Allow use of the auto enroll group tool to already created/existing groups.
D3009 Submitted D3009
02/19/2014 486817

Display group membership on classlist and in grade export file.

D781 Submitted
03/11/2015 654003

Checklist 'open in new window' setting should work also for content. On Checklist, when you create a new checklist and check the box next to “open in new window”, it does not open the checklist in a new window when clicked on from Content. The “open in new window” option allows the checklist to open in a new window directly from the checklist tool. This should also be a setting to open in new window in content.

D2260 Submitted
09/25/2013 477998

Recalculate and save at the same time. Recalculate, Save and Publish button at the same time. Locate this button at both the top and bottom of the page.

D927 Submitted
04/16/2014 539105

Time Control Access to Submission View

D1529 Submitted
09/15/2013 474319

Making the name column in the attendance tool static so scrolling does not remove the name from the screen. Make it float.

D946 Submitted
08/25/2014 560649

Add ability to tag and search for discussion forum/topic keywords and phrases. The ability to tag keywords and phrases in discussion forums/topics and then be able to search for those tags would allow students and faculty to make connections across topics and forums.  Sometimes they remember a discussion or concept discussed previously, but cannot find it to link to a current discussion.

D1816 Submitted


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