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Request Date MSU Ticket Number Description Product Idea Exchange Status Status Feature Request Ticket Number D2L Ticket Numbersort descending
08/20/2014 559966

Automatically match Quiz points to grade item points.

D1806 Submitted
07/25/2013 454627

Supported D653 Broken Link Checker

D653 Submitted
05/20/2015 679246

llow more than one Kaltura gallery in a course and make them be gradable. Currently you can only have one Kaltura Gallery (Add existing activities > External Learning Tools > Course Media Gallery). I would be nice to allow multiple galleries so you could distinguish submissions by module/week. It would also be nice if the instructor could view and grade these submissions from that location.

D2433 Submitted
06/20/2013 446196

allow the simultaneous display of percentages and a second scheme like 4.0 in the grades area.

D547 Submitted
01/20/2015 617282

Ability to group calculated, formula, and text grade items under a category.

D236 Submitted
11/03/2016 146377

adding student-tailored feedback through Excel in bulk form

D3540 Submitted
03/19/2014 492575

Export Content Statistics to CSV

D1425 Submitted
12/20/2015 736251

There is currently a document that faculty are able to view to as an example for importing quiz questions into D2L. We request that this document be more informative, explaining the various options available in more detail, specifically including the score parameters.


D2960 Submitted
03/11/2015 654193

Ability to Copy Course settings along with copy course. When you copy a course, settings do not get copied. A course copy should bring any settings along with it, e.g. manual completion.

D2279 Submitted
09/23/2013 477270

Enable sorting of users (Last, first name) in the Group Member list.

D359 Submitted
03/18/2015 638609

When grading a quiz manually,  the checkbox to mark the attempt as graded is only available at the top of the form which means that the instructor has to scroll all the way back to the top to mark the submission as graded.  Please either replicate the checkbox at the bottom, or add a "Save and Mark as Graded" button to the floating menu at the bottom to combine the two actions.

D2318 Submitted
10/15/2014 600351

Currently in D2L it is possible to view a list of Users who have not taken an attempt for a survey, however, this list of users cannot be exported or used to generate an email.  We would like to see these options added to improve the instructors ability to communicate with users.

D1953 Submitted


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