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Request Date MSU Ticket Number Description Product Idea Exchange Status Status Feature Request Ticket Number D2L Ticket Numbersort descending
03/11/2015 654246

Provide the ability to remove a disconnected SCORM gradebook item. When you import a SCORM item it automatically creates a SCORM gradebook item. If you delete this item without first disconnecting it from the associated gradebook item, you can no longer remove it from the gradebook. It must be done by D2L. Provide the ability to remove a disconnected SCORM gradebook item.

D2283 Submitted
05/11/2013 435976

Ability to create a discussion where everyone could read the posts, but only members of certain groups could post to the topic.

D939 Submitted
08/28/2014 582455

Release conditions for negative things. Currently all of the release conditions all for the student doing something, and not for them not doing something. For example, it is currently not possible to send students an email with an Intellegent Agent for not completing an assignment.

D263 Submitted
10/24/2016 113642

While the classlist shows last accessed it would be useful for instructors to be aware of the students date of enrolment, especially if students are not all starting on the same day. This would be especially useful during drops and adds.


D1885 Submitted
05/20/2015 669288

Currently when using the Invite Participants option within a survey, there is no option to filter by group.  Having a filter by group option would make it much easier to invite users to a survey. 

D2435 Submitted
12/20/2015 726939

When copying a quiz it copies the settings under the Restricitons tab, however it does not copy the Special Access settings from this tab. We would like it to successfully the special access settings as well.


D2958 Submitted
09/18/2013 475610

Allow default setting for attendance tool

D1090 Submitted
01/21/2015 633831

Currently self-assessments do not have submissions and there is no way for students to go back and review their answers.  It would be helpful if the self-assessment tool included a save/submit option so that students could go back at a later date and review their answers.

D2137 Submitted
09/04/2013 470127

User interface improvement, CC, BCC fields need to be more visible.

D749 Submitted
04/16/2014 526292

Print Quiz and Key

D362 Submitted
03/11/2015 654122

Make the way to close tools the same across all tools.The way to close (end date) Discussion Topics (properties tab, start, visibility over date range), Drop Boxes (restrictions tab, start, due and end) and quiz (restrictions tab, start and end) are all different . This function should be made consistent across all tools. Restrictions should consistently have Start, Due, End and Hide. The functionality of the terms should be consistent across all tools. (Hide makes not visible to students, End, closed access but remains visible, etc.)

D2274 Submitted
10/10/2013 483099

When you impersonate (demo student) and restore your status, you are always returned to the Course Home page. Request that on restore, you stay on the page the (demo student) was on.

D932 Submitted


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