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01/24/2014 492864

Requesting that an option be added so we can set the Demo Student role correctly and not have them added to groups when randomly generating them in a course.

D1201 Submitted
12/17/2014 622158

When you try to upload a grades spreadsheet on the Import Grades page and it fails, the system should tell you why it failed, such as incorrect column headings, missing End-of-Line Indicator column, duplicate column names, trying to import calculated or weighted grades, etc.


It currently gives you a message that says "There were 1 error(s) found in the information you submitted: The import file selected cannot be read. Refer to the sample import file to see how the import file should appear." This error message is unclear and the sample file does not work for instructors using Open Office or certain language settings on their operating system.

D1026 Submitted
05/07/2013 434580

Some instructors would like the ability to turn off course messaging at the course level. This is currently not possible.

D920 Submitted
03/19/2014 521340

Disable right click in submission view of a quiz

D1421 Submitted
03/07/2016 24751

When the instructor creates a D2L quiz, they have both a Description box and an Introduction box into which they can type to share information with students. When they use these fields, what they enter in the Description box is available to students directly on the module page along with the quiz, and what they enter in the Introduction box does not display on the module page and is not available to students until they click on the quiz itself. For dropboxes, the instructor only has the option to enter information for students in an Instructions field that appears directly on the module page; the instructor does not have the option to enter information in an Introduction field that is only available to students after they click on the dropbox to open it.

When the instructor uses dropboxes, they often have a substantial amount of information to share with the students that they do not want them to see before they click to open the dropbox and that the instructor does not want to take up so much space directly on the module page under Content. As such, the instructor would like there to be an Introduction field for dropboxes that works the same way it does for quizzes.

D3101 Submitted
03/11/2015 654126

Grade terminology across tools should be consistent. Terminology to grade various tools varies across tools. This function should be made consistent across all tools. Discussion (Assess Topic) vs Dropbox (view submissions/evaluate) vs Quiz (Grade).

D2275 Submitted
09/10/2013 472646

Allow comments by the instructors in the attendance tool.

D947 Submitted
06/18/2014 551213

Allow simultaneous deletion of multiple calendar events.

D432 Submitted
10/05/2016 122517

Sort by completed in Quiz grading. In a D2L Quiz > Grade > on both the Users and Attempts

tabs, I would like to be able to sort by Completed. 

D3492 Submitted
05/19/2015 662338

Add option to allow users sort control on My Courses.

D2351 Submitted
10/15/2014 597813

When you edit a question on an active quiz (to fix a grading mistake), it should automatically update all the attempt scores for students who already took the quiz.


Currently, if a student takes a quiz and instructors edit a question, it creates another version of the question on the quiz. Old versions of the question (that students actually attempted) are listed at the bottom of the Questions tab under "Questions No Longer in the Quiz". This is very confusing for instructors, who expect that editing the question will fix their mistake and update the scores. They then have to use the "Update All Attempts" feature to update the scores for all versions of the question. It is very difficult for an instructor to complete this process without assistance.

D170 Submitted
09/21/2017 D4114

Make it so students must choose edit on an editable survey. This is to help avoid submissions being removed inadvertently. 

D4114 Submitted


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