Enhancement Request Status

Request Date MSU Ticket Number Description Product Idea Exchange Status Status Feature Request Ticket Number D2L Ticket Numbersort descending
09/17/2014 578817

Import attendance data and/or settings from a CSV file.

D1711 Submitted
09/17/2013 474873

Supported Ability to Create Sub Groups from a Larger Group

D472 Submitted
05/20/2015 678328

Add a login history page within a course to allow instructors to view all login history.

D676 Submitted
11/15/2017 339759

possibility of having D2L\'s rubrics made available for students to self-assess/self-grade.

D4239 Submitted
01/21/2015 636427

At the top of the Table of Contents page there is an import/export button.   We have found that when a user is creating a brand new courses, they have a tendency to click the "Import/Export" button to begin adding files to the course rather than clicking Add a Module field at the bottom of the screen. 
It would be helpful if there were an add a module button, rather than just a field on the left/bottom of the screen. As it stands, the Import/Export option is more prominent and confuses users who want to add files to their empty courses.

D2138 Submitted
03/07/2016 15988

When downloading (exporting) a course, the structure of the course should be retained. objects in the syllabus, etc, have a hierarchial structure, adn the content therein, and it should be retained in the zip file produced by the export proces. This will allow students to use a course content when provided an export, and instructors would find it easier to transfer content to other systems in part or in whole, if the course structure they carefully constructed in D2L was preserved.

D3098 Submitted
02/19/2014 512004

Toggle subscription option in discussions

D370 Submitted
04/16/2014 531888

Generate Summary Stats for Surveys and Quizzes.

D351 Submitted
10/24/2013 487294

Would like a drag-n-drop option for a quiz question. Wants to be able to put in a sentence, have that sentence scrambled, and then have students drag the words of the sentence into the correct order. Would like the same thing for letters to form words, sentences that would be put into a paragraph, and paragraphs that would go into an essay. Would like to determine where the breaks are for the drag-n-drop quiz question.

D923 Submitted
03/11/2015 654256

Add voice feedback option to Dropbox in Grades.

D2285 Submitted
10/22/2013 486378

Allow the filtering tools in the LMS to remain effective when exporting to CSV. Or provide better tools to export and format export file on the LMS side rather than on the export side.

D221 Submitted
05/19/2015 662324

Add functionality to intelligent agents. Allow them to:

  • enroll/unenroll students in groups
  • automatically send a grade to the gradebook
D2350 Submitted


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