Enhancement Request Status

MSU Ticket Number Description Request Date Product Idea Exchange Status

Allow one student special access to a module

11/27/2013 D239 Not Currently Planned

Allow link to LOR documents from widgets.

10/22/2013 D964 Submitted

Copying Content should also copy the associated Course Files.

11/08/2013 D171 Submitted

If a student's overall grade anytime throughout the system drops below xx% an email is generated and informs the student they need to contact the instructor.

10/24/2013 D669 Submitted

Bulk editing for objectives.

09/04/2013 D762 Submitted

Allow you to attach rubrics to long answer questions directly.

10/21/2013 D961 Under consideration for an upcoming release

Instructor of Hebrew (not language currently supported) would like to be able to email in the language, and have the mail tool accomodate right-to-left languages.

09/23/2013 D960 Released

Supported Ability to Create Sub Groups from a Larger Group

09/17/2013 D472 Released

Enable sorting of users (Last, first name) in the Group Member list.

09/23/2013 D359 Released

Our roles are set up so course editors can access all groups and are displayed in the classlist. However, this makes them not be able to be chosen to add to a specific group. Instructor wants to create a group with her three TAs and herself in it so she can e-mail them and receive e-mails from them without having to find them each time in the address book.

11/07/2013 D948 Submitted

Option on item creation to be draft or published

08/29/2013 D965 Submitted

Supported D653 Broken Link Checker

07/25/2013 D653 Not Currently Planned


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