D2L Daylight Information

The MSU D2L Course Management System will be updated to the Daylight version in May 2018, prior to the start of summer semester courses.

The D2L Brightspace Daylight Experience has a new look and feel that adapts responsively to different screen sizes to provide an improved user experience on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The new interface will have a wider page layout, new fonts, icons, colors, and simpler formatting.

The core functionality will not be changing and current courses will automatically display the new look when Daylight is turned on. 

Additional features include a new visual tile-based "My Courses" list and collapsible menus as screen size changes. Key differences include the absence of customizable themes and a few key language term changes (listed below). 

Key language terms to be implemented with Daylight (D2L defaults)

 News is changing to Announcements

 Dropbox is changing to Assignments

• Edit Course is changing to Course Admin

 Pager is changing to Instant Messages

• In Content, New is changing to Upload/Create

• In Content, Add Existing Activities is changing to Existing Activities

D2L Daylight Open House events

Instructors who want to preview their courses in the new interface can attend one of the D2L Daylight Open House events scheduled throughout spring semester starting at the end of January 2018. 

Schedule of D2L Daylight Open House events

Stop by any of the D2L Open House events in B342 Wells Hall to work with an MSU IT Instructional Designer:

Wednesday, Jan 24: 1-3 pm (Completed)

Thursday, Feb 8: 10 am-12 noon (Completed)

Monday, Feb 19: 3-5 pm (Completed)

Friday, March 16: 11 am-1 pm (Completed)

Tuesday, March 27: 3-5 pm (Completed)

Wednesday, April 11: 9-11 am (Completed)

Thursday, April 26: 1-3 pm (Completed)

Friday, May 4: 1-3pm (Completed)  

Wednesday, May 9: 10 am-12 noon

Preview D2L Daylight

To explore the new version on your own, you can log into the D2L test site (msutest.brightspace.com) with your MSU NetID. If prompted to Select the identity provider assigned to you please choose: https://idp.idm.msu.edu/idp/shibboleth.

Keep in mind this is not a production site and your content could be lost anytime. While we don't expect that to happen, we recommend you save a backup to your computer.

Recommended Steps to Check Courses in D2L Daylight Test Environment 

1. Log into the D2L test site (msutest.brightspace.com) with your MSU NetID. If you have any issues logging in, please contact the MSU IT Service Desk by calling (517) 432-6200 and choosing option 2. 

2. Create a new course by clicking the Create a Development Course on the My Home page.

3. Create course items such as Announcements (formerly News), Content, Quizzes, Assignments (formally Dropbox), Widgets, and more. 

Tip: The MSU Style widget on the default course homepage adds a border and Spartan green title bar to all widgets. To add the MSU Style to a custom homepage, go to Course Admin > Homepages (create or edit an existing custom homepage) and then add the MSU Style widget. 

4. Impersonate the Demo Student to view the newly created materials.

5. Log into the D2L test site (msutest.brightspace.com) with your MSU NetID using a mobile device or tablet to view previously created materials or create additional course items in the mobile view. 

6. Expert users can feel free to Export their courses from the D2L Production system and then Import into the D2L Test environment to experience in advance the Daylight interface and functionality.

7. Please provide your feedback in the D2L Daylight testing survey

D2L Brightspace tutorial videos in the new Daylight view

Semester Start for Instructors

Navigate Brightspace Learning Environment for Learners

Resources from other colleges

Note: Some features presented in the items below may not be available at MSU.

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