What’s New in D2L for Instructors?

What’s New in D2L for Instructors?

MSU upgraded D2L from version 10.7.8 to 10.7.9 on January 25, 2018. Future upgrades will occur on a monthly basis for hosted institutions. The current version is 10.7.10.

To see what the current version is at any given time, go to d2l.msu.edu, click on the “Admin Tools” icon (top right corner), select View Product Versions, and note the version listed under “Learning Environment.” The items below indicate new features and changes since the last version. For full details on version updates, see the Release Notes on the Brightspace Community site. Sign up or login using your msu.edu email address for access to additional resources.

New features (10.7.1 – 10.7.9):

  1. (10.7.1)Discussions - Instructors can post to all groups at once: Instructors can now post a discussion thread to all associated groups/sections from a group discussion topic.
  2. (10.7.2) Grades - Grade exports include all group and section enrollments: When exporting grades from the grade book, under User Details, there is a new option to include group and section membership information for each user.
  3. (10.7.3) HTML Editor - Unsaved changes prompt: In the HTML Editor tool, when you make content changes and attempt to navigate away or close the browser or tab without saving your changes, a message prompts you to discard your changes or resume editing.
  4. (10.7.3) Quizzes - Shuffle questions tool: To discourage cheating in quizzes, instructors can now shuffle the order of all questions in quizzes or specific groups of questions (sections) in quizzes.
  5. (10.7.5) Assignments  "Dropbox" - Additional attachment types available for assignment submission folders: Links, Existing Activities, and Google Drive files can now be added to assignment submission folders as attachments.
  6. (10.7.6) Content & HTML Editor - Google Drive and OneDrive integration: In Content, Google Drive and One Drive options can be added to the Existing Activities menu. The quicklinks picker in the HTML Editor can also include Google Drive and One Drive options.
  7. (10.7.8) Assignments "Dropbox"  - OneDrive Integration: Instructors can now attach an item directly from OneDrive to an Assignment Submissions folder.
  8. (10.7.9) Intelligent Agents - Links to Intelligent Agents: This update introduces a system navbar link to the existing Agent List page that users can add to their navbars in addition to a link to the Intelligent Agents tool from the Class Progress tool.
  9. (10.7.9) Question Library - New Question Import Workflows: This update adds new ways for instructors to search the Question Library when adding questions to a quiz. Using a slide in panel featuring the questions in a tree structure enables easy navigation of questions to be added to quizzes. The ability to sort questions by their source collection, question type, points value, and question text has also been added.
  10. (10.7.9) Brightspace Learning Environment - Private file indicator for Google Drive materials: When instructors add private files from a Google Drive account to Brightspace Learning Environment, they are notified if the file is private and are given the option to change permissions so that anyone with the link can view the file.

Changes to existing features / Fixed Issues (10.7.1 – 10.7.9):

  1. (10.7.1) HTML Editor - Improved paste functionality for quizzes: Administrators and instructors can now copy content from external sources such as Word or HTML and paste it as answer or question content in a quiz, while retaining all the formatting and images from the source.
  2. (10.7.4) Assignments "Dropbox" - Instructors can now set the visibility state for Assignment content: Instructors can now set the visibility state for draft content within assignment submission folders in Content and Assignments.
  3. (10.7.5) Question Library - Import workflow changes: Instructors can now complete file uploads without leaving the Question Library, Survey, Self-Assessment, or Quiz creation workflow.
  4. (10.7.7) Assignments "Dropbox" - Rubric Visibility: Rubrics are now positioned at the beginning of the assessment portion for an assignment. Previously, rubrics appeared below the Learning Objectives as part of a large list of rubric links.
  5. (10.7.9) Exemptions - Improvements: This update introduces an Exemptions Log Data Set and also introduces an option on the View Statistics page that allows instructors to either include or exclude exempted users in quiz statistics.
  6. (10.7.9) Quizzes - Removal of confirmation buttons to start and submit a quiz: This update alters the quizzing experience and now when learners click Start on the quiz instruction screen, they are taken directly to the quiz and do not have to click OK to commence the quiz. When learners complete the quiz and click Go to Submit Quiz, they are taken to the Quiz Submission Confirmation screen where they can either submit the quiz or return to one of the quiz questions using the Quiz Info menu.

Coming Soon (10.7.10):

  1. (10.7.10)Quizzes - Due Dates Available: Due dates are now available for quizzes. This allows instructors to better communicate when quizzes are due, and better identify when a learner submits a quiz late. A quiz will now be considered late when it is submitted after the due date is reached.
  2. (10.7.10)Exemptions - Additional launch points: Instructors may now launch the Manage Exemptions page from a variety of tools, including the Assignments tool, Discussions tool, and Quizzes tool.
  3. (10.7.10)HTML Editor – Advanced image editing: The HTML Editor has been updated to include expanded image editing capabilities. Users can now edit images in place (flipping, rotating, and adjusting brightness, sharpness, and color), edit the image description, and edit the size of the image.
  4. (10.7.10)Quicklinks – Self-Enrollment groups link: Instructors can now insert a Quicklink to self-enrolling groups. This update provides learners a direct path to sign up for their group and a new Group Self-Enrollment screen.